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(Jul 19th, 2014)
Havens of Fortune, Part 2!
      by Seppel

Two days ago, we previewed 9 of the 20 Haven cards from Fortune at Vell's End. Sasaya mentioned in the comments that there was a lack of dual-gender support in the previewed Havens.

So today is all about dual-gender support!


Odonto's Bathhouse is a great place to relax. But if you're familiar with what goes on behind the scenes, you can truly harness its power!

Normally you'd get only one gender point during your refill step -- either a Male Point or a Herm Point (you don't have to choose what type of point it is until you spend it!), but if you have a conductor hard at work with 0 energy counters remaining, you can get both a Male Point or a Herm Point!


Now, let's check out Linzin's Lair!


Linzin is a hungry dragon. Normally you'd only be able to get a Herm Point or an Otherkind Point, but if you appease hir with a meal, you can get both gender points!


Ah, peace and solidarity with your lover, or lovers. If there's no love going on, you'll only get one gender point, but if love is blooming, even just a little bit, you'll get both a Male Point and a Female Point!


Oh no! Where are you headed? You're going on an adventure? Okay, stay safe! If you come back home, you'll get both a Herm Point and a Female Point!


Fortune at Vell's End is available! Get your cards now!

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furryguardianninja on Jul 20th, 2014 @ 05:11 PM
love the new havens great artwork

Lafitte on Jul 20th, 2014 @ 05:10 PM
@Draj: I think this actually makes three of each dual gender, if I'm not mistaken. There's the Triskelion ones that give you one or the other, there's the Tanglebrook ones that give you both, and now these that are kind of a step in between.

Taz on Jul 20th, 2014 @ 04:05 PM
@Draj: Ipkoo is both a Fellowship leader and an Otter, so you might be onto something here. :)

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