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(Jul 12th, 2014)
Owners of Fortune: Sylbana!
      by Seppel

Sylbana is an apprentice adventurer seeking to make a name for hirself in Vanai Valley. Shi'll have to face daring foes and go on many quests before she can be called a hero.


Sylbana comes with the basic stats that you use in every game of Furoticon:

* From the normal 40 cards in a Furoticon deck, you may include 0 extra cards.

* You have an opening hand of 6 cards, and your max hand size at the end of your turn is 7 cards.

* From the normal 50 starting stamina, you start with 0 extra stamina.

* You have 10 AP per turn, and it costs 5 AP to draw a card, as well as 1 AP to swing with a Furre and 1 AP to put out with a Furre.

Also, in the upper-right corner, you can see that you can have any of the four genders in your deck.

Start your journey in Vell's End as Sylbana in the Adventure Time starter deck!

Click to get it!

After a year of hard work, full of failed and completed quests, Sylbana was inducted into the Heroes Hall! Shi's achieved hir dream, and is now fearless.


You can find Sylbana, Hero in Fortune at Vell's End booster packs! Shi now has increased stats:

* Your starting hand is reduced to 5 cards.

* Your max stamina is reduced to 40 stamina.

* You may not have any Male, Female, or Otherkind cards in your deck. (Notice the solitary Herm symbol in the upper-right corner.)

(Wait, I said increased stats? Well, all of these disadvantages are to bring you an amazing advantage!)

* Your Adventurer Furres level up twice when in bed, and your Conductor Furres get an extra energy counter! (But only if you have less than 25 stamina -- lucky for you, you start with only 40 stamina!)

So, what can you do with Sylbana? Lots!


Adventurers start at level 0 (level 0 and level 1 use the same stats on the left), so with Sylbana's power, you can jump straight to level 2 after a single time in bed! Reap those bonuses faster!

But, of course, you need to reach 25 stamina first. If only there were a way to accelerate that...


Overdue Fines is a card that we never expected could be so useful! Cram your hand full of cards to activate a bonus? SURE!

(Overdue Fines can be found in Strawberry Booster Packs!)


Conductors get an extra energy counter! Now Sigil has even more power!

There's lots of options for your harem with Sylbana, and just like Tahira, I could continue on for pages. I'll leave you to discover more!


Fortune at Vell's End is available! Get your cards now!

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ezekiel_tyr on Jul 13th, 2014 @ 10:30 PM
so pain for pain.. zeke likes, i think i could use this in a match or two

Lafitte on Jul 13th, 2014 @ 12:38 PM
I was just noticing the other day, too, how many cards in old sets have some unique/semi-unique form of counter floating around, too... this is going to be mad exploitable!

Zeneth_Starr on Jul 13th, 2014 @ 11:35 AM
Herms herms herms....hermy herm herms.

I love herms and this is exactly what I need to build my all herm deck. Really hope to see hir pop up in my order that's coming in.

All those COUNTERS!

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