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(Jun 6th, 2010)
BDSM in Triskelion: Part 2
      by Callista Skip

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After Sukouri manages to get out into the Wilds, she ends up having on the auction block. This means being kept in a Holding Cell until it's her turn to be bid on. The luscious Sukouri can only imagine what awaits her in Algurin!

"You'll be out soon, pretty little thing." -Glisten
Artist: Farellemoon

When Talgurin, the tentacle-winged dragon, wins Sukouri off the auction block, Glisten, the ferret-rat can't bear to let her go so easily. Sukouri's troubles in the Wilds have just begun as Talgurin and Glisten start to work out a trade!

Glisten and Talgurin agree on a trade.
Artist: Zombieme

Glisten drives a hard deal, but Talgurin manages to get what he wants out of the crazy ferret-rat, including a parting blow-job from Sukouri. She shows off her talents as a Di'Ahlan Trainee, and makes sure he won't forget her any time soon.

Talgurin gives Sukouri something to remember him by.
Artist: Maim

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