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(Jul 10th, 2014)
Owners of Fortune: Tahira!
      by Seppel

Tahira is a happy raccoon living in Vell's End with her mate, Deran. They're deeply in love with each other, but after some long talks, they also admitted to each other that they could love more than one person. They aren't swingers -- they're just open to the idea of having more than one partner in their family, while still loving each other just as much.


Tahira comes with the basic stats that you use in every game of Furoticon:

* From the normal 40 cards in a Furoticon deck, you may include 0 extra cards.

* You have an opening hand of 6 cards, and your max hand size at the end of your turn is 7 cards.

* From the normal 50 starting stamina, you start with 0 extra stamina.

* You have 10 AP per turn, and it costs 5 AP to draw a card, as well as 1 AP to swing with a Furre and 1 AP to put out with a Furre.

Also, in the upper-right corner, you can see that you can have any of the four genders in your deck.

Start your journey in Vell's End as Tahira in the Strength in Fellowship starter deck!

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As time went on, Tahira and Deran found other partners. It was a little shaky at first -- Tahira had to focus both on her new lovers and her clothing shop, and Deran had to cast off jealousy, and instead feel joy and compersion for the growing family. The foursome took strong interest in each other's lives, including Tahira, who was grateful for the improvements to her shop!


You can find Tahira, Nurturer in Fortune at Vell's End booster packs! She now has increased stats:

* From the normal 40 cards in a Furoticon deck, you may include 5 fewer cards, for a total of 35 cards.

* You may not have any Male, Herm, or Otherkind cards in your deck. (Notice the solitary Female symbol in the upper-right corner.)

* Your Furres get +1 to all PEs while on defense! (But only if you have the fewest cards in your deck -- lucky for you, you start with a 5-card lead!)

What are some Furres that work great on defense (putting out)?


Asti makes a Generous Fellowship while putting out, and Tahira increases their PEs!


Kanette comes from Tribes of Tanglebrook! She's Shy, which means she can only put out, plus, she's Multi-orgasmic, so she'll orgasm twice before being done for good!


Bound Furres offer you the flexibility of going full-defense with increased stats, or a normal Furre that can both swing and put out. Mogi, Kashtine, and Gentla are all great choices for your harem!

There's tons of options for your harem with Tahira, and I could continue on for pages. I'll leave you to discover more!


Fortune at Vell's End is available! Get your cards now!

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gamercheez on Jul 12th, 2014 @ 04:11 AM
I'm glad I got that deck.

Cosmosaura on Jul 11th, 2014 @ 10:55 PM
more and more interesting as the days go by. :P

Tegome on Jul 10th, 2014 @ 06:13 PM
@Taz: There's a simple fix -- her name is Tahira, but she's Tess for short! ...Iunno.

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