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(Jun 19th, 2014)
Taz Goes to New Places! New Card Preview!
      by Taz

Hello! Are you looking forward to Fortune at Vell's End? Let me tell you, as exciting as developing for the set was, I would sure hope so! High Fantasy is a theme near and dear to my heart, and Kemah Karah, as much as it puts a new spin on things, is faithful to that theme to its core. Knowing that, I couldn't help but make myself a part of that world. While I won't be at Anthrocon in person this year, perhaps you can find me there anyway!

This completes the hat trick of guest Conductor previews!

Conductors power society, but what powers the conductors? We represent this with energy, and when Taz studies new and unfamiliar places, he finds more sources of it! (Much like Sikaah, he's a gas conductor with a license to travel--this one from Vell's End's Adept Academy.)

As part of a harem, Taz is all about defense. At a solid 20 stamina and Submissive (he costs 1 AP less to put out), he's good at what he does!

What sets him apart from a similar Furre like Aldrenn, however, lies in his ability to conduct. For a small payment from each available resource--AP, GP, energy, and exhaustion--he can directly pleasure a swinging Furre! (He can even do this while putting out, before Generous pleasure is given, and he'll still give non-Generous pleasure so long as he's still in the scene!)

Taz starts with the ability to do this twice, but gets to do it again whenever you get a new non-Home Haven (that is, a Haven that isn't a Home Haven), making his conducting even more potent than before!

Don't be intimidated by his steep GP cost--he's best in a multi-gender deck, perhaps one enabled by Dickscouting. With plenty of dual-gender Havens and AP Havens (you're playing plenty of AP Havens, right?) this pika's gift will keep on giving and giving!

Command your opponents with Grand Conductors! Fortune at Vell's End preorders are open! Order your cards now to get a preorder bonus!

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yuko on Jun 23rd, 2014 @ 01:20 PM
new new new new cards! new cards are the best cards lol

Nezumi12 on Jun 20th, 2014 @ 02:09 PM
i don't know that i'd call this overpowered. it's kind of expensive for moderate stamina and mostly average PE's. the fact that he uses so many resources for his ability keeps him from being too overpowered. since he can only use his ability once per turn and requires multiple havens to be effective, he's most likely going to be useful but of average effectiveness for most of the games he's used in.

ezekiel_tyr on Jun 19th, 2014 @ 09:47 PM
well now if i dont see over powered in this then idk what i see

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