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(Jun 16th, 2014)
The Behemoth takes flight! New card preview!
      by Seppel

It's about time we showed you just how big Gluttons can get!


While not technically a Glutton, the Behemoth has the largest appetite in all of Vell's End! (Normally, eating is reserved to the controller's harem, but the Behemoth is so large that we made an exception!)

When Behemoth enters the scene, it eats every other Furre in the scene. (But don't worry, nobody gets hurt!) Put the Furres face-down beneath Behemoth to mark that they've been eaten (and it'll help to separate them into piles so each player can collect them aftrward). When the Behemoth leaves the scene, all of those Furres will follow it to the couch.

To have such a large fellow in the scene comes with serious requirements -- 15 Action Points, 2 Herm Points, and 3 Otherkind Points, plus you must play Behemoth from your hand. This means no Sex Addict or Compulsion shenanigans! Also, while it's in the scene, you can't play any Furres or Treats. Look at how big that dragon is! There's no more room on your side to play anything else. There just isn't.


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Tsumi on Jun 18th, 2014 @ 10:14 AM
ts a weird board wipe that takes out all of your opponents furres and yours, but leaves you unable to play more... but they still can. I would just put Timidity onto it, and my opponent be screwed. It should also be elusive then...

Magetorment on Jun 17th, 2014 @ 06:02 PM
And the bomb drops. Behold one and all, the biggest impact on the board in the game. Drop this big bad boy on a FFA and watch as the flow of the game suddenly shifts. Can you master the monster's might and stand above all others or merely be a king-maker?

@Polka, Lafitte, Scrimno, Daralyn, and Nezumi:
Behemoth is tough beast to tame. You can instantly change the course of the game by dropping him, but in order to win you've got to be smart with him too. There are ways to get him down easier, cards to support him, and ways to get him out of the way if things get too hairy. Got to play smart though, getting, can't be over eager with a giant dragon.

Nothing is stopping you from playing with both Compulsion and Behemoth, but they both have the 'played from hand clause,' so they don't really do all that much together. Behemoth won't trigger if snuck into play with Compulsion or Drachin Chosen.

Behemoth is a fun card to drop, especially late game in a free for all.

Zeneth is correct, when you play Behemoth every single furre sitting out in your game goes under it. Even stuff with Elusive and Frigid aren't safe. Once Behemoth resolves the only furre in play will be Behemoth... usually.

Nezumi12 on Jun 17th, 2014 @ 03:13 PM
damn. just. damn.

not sure i'd ever play this card. mostly since i'm not sure i'd ever be able to get the points to cast it.

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