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(May 26th, 2010)
The Lord and Lady of House Gaar
      by Callista Skip

The ram and fox ruled their House sternly, if not overly strict at times. Melam and Pardia Gaar were proud of their House's dedication to etiquette and restraint training, and regularly produced trainees that went on to some of the highest levels of Guild politics.

That being the case, the Gaar House enjoyed strong support from the Guilds -- and sometimes suffered from stronger competition from other Houses. Due to Lord Melam's insistence to only make income from honestly won land contracts with the tenant farmers outside of Di'Ahla's walls, the House was certainly not as rich as it otherwise might be. Regardless of Guild reputation, House Gaar found itself vying for attention just the same as the other Houses in their district.

Lord and Lady Gaar found it necessary to make time for fancy occasions, to maintain their reputation during what they considered to be otherwise frivolous District events.
Artist: Blotch

Dominant is a new keyword in Triskelion! Because Lord Melam is ready so ready to swing, he costs 1 less than other furres in play. (Meaning that he costs 0 AP to swing.)

Sukouri doesn't see bath time as a punishment.
Artist: Kiki-Uma

Though Melam did what he could to make sure his students acted with decorum, he couldn't control everything all of the time. Sending his students off to the baths was an unfortunate side effect of catching his students rolling around in the gardens.

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