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(May 29th, 2014)
Ipkoo and Mikka are dedicated to monogamy! Two new card previews!
      by Seppel

During our initial introduction of the Fellowship skill, we showed you Asti, who is a Furre with Fellowship 4 (that is, she has a Fellowship that can fit 4 Furres).

Fellowship is our way of highlighting polyamory and monogamy! While Asti is headstrong in polyamory, Ipkoo has his mind set solely on a special someone...


As a reminder, you simply pay 1 AP and exhaust Ipkoo to have another Furre join his Fellowship. Ipkoo is also Eager, which means he can do this the turn he enters the scene! (Normally, you can't exhaust a Furre the turn it enters the scene.)

Ipkoo falls in love easily, and yearns to please his mate. He shares his eagerness with the love of his life, Mikka!


Mikka is both Dominant and Submissive, which means she can swing and put out for free!

She also has the ability to keep Ipkoo restrained, recovering their stamina each turn!

Not only that, but if you have 1 Male Point and 1 Female Point, you can play Mikka and Ipkoo, and still have 1 AP left. With that final AP, use Ipkoo's Fellowship skill to bring Mikka and Ipkoo together, activating their Fellowship bonuses. This makes Mikka Eager, and even though you have 0 AP left, she's Dominant, which means you can swing with her on the same turn that you played both of them!

Fellowships are all about accomplishing a lot with just a little. When you've found your mate(s), you can do incredible things together!

Outlast your opponents with strength in fellowship -- Fortune at Vell's End preorders begin June 1st!

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BlueJay on May 30th, 2014 @ 01:40 PM
Not gonna lie, Ipkoo, while having a name I'm not especially fond of, is fairly cute.

Zeneth_Starr on May 30th, 2014 @ 09:57 AM
Furo is becoming a Shipfic game!!!

Seppel on May 30th, 2014 @ 08:05 AM
@Marchandique: You can create your own fanfiction with your deck. Maybe Ipkoo hooks up with Jory! ;)

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