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(May 26th, 2014)
Rules Primer: Adventurer! Two new card previews!
      by Seppel

Let's learn all about the new skill, Adventurer!


Fake and Jinn are Adventurers! Adventurers have three columns for stats instead of one, but you only need to pay attention to one at a time.

An Adventurer starts at Level 0. When the Adventurer leaves bed without orgasming, place an XP counter on the Furre. This shows that the Furre has leveled up! That's right -- we turned sex into an RPG.

When Fake and Jinn enter the scene, you can ignore everything on their card except the leftmost column of stats. They start with 15 stamina (15 ), and their PEs are 4 to Males, 3 to Females, 3 to Herms, and 4 to Otherkind. (PE means Pleasuring Experience -- this is how much pleasure a Furre gives to a particular gender in bed!)

Once Fake and Jinn reach level 2, they get their first upgrade to their stats: 20 max stamina, and 5/6/5/5 for PEs! This doesn't mean that they go all the way back up to 20 stamina -- it just means they get a 5 stamina bonus (since their Max stamina stat increased by 5)

After surviving bed three times without orgasming, Fake and Jinn have become masters of the bedroom! They don't get a stamina increase, but their PEs are all boosted to 7, and they get a plethora of skills: Tireless (they don't exhaust to swing), Lure 3 (when they swing, up to 3 Furres must put out if possible), and Tantric (when pleasuring Furres, they gain stamina equal to the pleasure they gave -- it's like draining stamina from the opposing Furre!).


You might have noticed that Fake and Jinn are multi-gendered -- Female and Herm! Multi-gender Furres give pleasure the same way as normal Furres, but they receive pleasure differently. Remember how a player takes pleasure equal to the highest of the four PEs? Well, Fake and Jinn take pleasure from the highest of the opposing Furre's Female and Herm PEs!

This puts multi-gender Furres at a bit of a disadvantage, but that means that we can give them more powerful abilities!

I sure hope there isn't any card out there that makes Adventurers level up faster...


What time is it?


With Adventure Time, you could go swinging for a double level up! Spooky!

I hope you're excited about Adventurers! Here are some final rules, for those rare times when things get wacky:

* If an Adventurer somehow loses its Adventurer skill, it retains its current stats. It just can't gain any more levels. (XP counters determine a Furre's level.)

* If an Adventurer loses XP couters, it loses levels. This could cause stamina to drop if it's higher than the Furre's maximum stamina (For example, a Furre with 20 and 15 max would instantly go down to 15 .)

* If a non-Adventurer Furre somehow gets XP counters, it has no effect. (Technically, every Furre has a "level" that goes from 0 to 3. Adventurers are the only ones who care about levels, though!)

* XP counters cap at 3. (Ignore placing any XP counters beyond the 3rd.)


It's almost adventure time! Fortune at Vell's End preorders begin June 1st!

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Nezumi12 on May 27th, 2014 @ 02:05 AM
glad to see i'm not the only person to make bad puns.

Tegome on May 26th, 2014 @ 11:18 PM
@Draj Yeah, level 1 and level 0 are the same, sort of. Your Adventurer's level is the amount of XP counters they have, and they enter the scene with zero counters. They'll still use the Level 1 stats until they enter and leave bed without orgasming twice to get two XP counters/level two. It just looked odd to say they start at level zero. :P

ezekiel_tyr on May 26th, 2014 @ 11:12 PM
that is just terrible just terrible, its adventure time alright

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