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(May 24th, 2010)
Charm School in House Goan
      by Callista Skip

Toys, bondage gear, state-of-mind -- Lyscilla offers House Goan all of these things and more. Soon, the students were finding new items on their own, showing off to other Houses. Lyscilla's influence starts to spread out and upward, toward the highest reaches of the established Guilds.

Kashtine models one of the new fashions.
Artist: Sekhmet

Only Sukouri, the busty squirrel, knows what Lyscilla's true intentions are, and she's gone mysteriously missing.

Encouraged by the response among the Guilds, Cassvar was quick to allow Lyscilla to set up Charm School, Lyscilla's private residence and dungeon within the Goan House. Though it was only a few rooms large, it was large enough for Lyscilla to more fully continue her plotting.

Soon, Trainees from all over the district were making time for Charm School Lessons -- much to Lord Melam Gaar's distress.

Who would want to skip class at this school?
Artist: D-Bit

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