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(May 19th, 2014)
Meet Ravamani and Her Adventurer, Hibiscus!
      by Callista Skip

In addition to the relationship that Patrons share with Conductors, they also employ a number of Adventurers for significantly different tasks. Adventurers are free to leave the cities and explore the wild and untamed lands of Kemah Karah.

Remember Patron Ravamani?

Art by ArsenicKitty

She's one of Vell's End's premier city planners, a fortunous architect who truly enjoys the finer things in life. To that end, she employs a number of Adventurers who can go out into the world and find her things, precious items that come in all shapes and forms beyond that of gold and precious gems -- mermaid scales and sphinx claws, harpy feathers and dragon fangs.

These items are shed naturally by the wild beasts of Kemah Karah, and can either be collected while on a romp in the woods, or bargained for from the beasts themselves.

These precious items are sometimes used in the construction of Conductor collars, their innate qualities making them perfect focusing items for the Conductors who wear them. Other times, they're simply used for fabulous jewelry or conversation pieces.

Hibiscus is Ravamani's favorite Adventurer. Shi and hir apprentice, Madita, make up a successful adventuring team that frequently enters the forests closest to Vell's End.

Art by Spackered

Most Adventurers barter Pleasure Contracts for their Patrons.

These contracts have a variety of purposes, but are mainly made up of -- to put it lightly -- sexual visitation. The Adventurers will help negotiate on their Patron's behalf, coming to terms with any fantastic beasts their Patron may have their eye on.

Once in a rare while, a Pleasure Contract will result in a beast living in the Patron's home for a specific amount of time. During their stay, the Patrons and their staff will tend to the beast's every need, and in return, they provide the Patron with some of the most exclusive entertainment known in Kemah Karah.

VORE WARNING - If you're not comfortable reading vore, that's the end of this story for you! ;)

Beasts with the most voracious appetites were known as Gluttons, and to be able to participate in a Gluttonous feast was the height of sexual ecstasy.

When Hibiscus heard of the Behemoth, one of the largest dragons ever discovered in Adventurer history, shi knew that it would add to both their prestige and reputations for them to travel to its lair in the Vanai Mountains.

After some standard negotiations ending in the standard written Pleasure Contract, the fun could begin! Hibiscus and Ravamani had never been able to please each other while being swallowed before, and they eagerly jumped on the opportunity. Slickened by thick saliva, they went together down the dragons broad throat, intertwined the whole way down!

Art by Dark Natasha

Ravamani and Hibiscus, once exhausted, were ejected from the Behemoth's maw. They left him a large offering of gold and jewels to satisfy his hoard and made their way back to Vell's End. Both the shared experience and the cart of oversized dragon scales would leave the other Patrons green with jealousy!

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captainbozo on May 21st, 2014 @ 09:39 PM

Magetorment on May 21st, 2014 @ 06:19 PM
Said it before and I'll say it again, Behemoth looks amazing. Can't wait to see everyone's reaction when they see what he does. :3

BlueJay on May 21st, 2014 @ 02:48 PM
Callista: Sorry, that was a miswording on my part. I meant that it was the fetish the deck has. Didn't mean to make it sound so prevalent.

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