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(May 18th, 2014)
Meet Narani, the Jinvon Queen! (Final Installment)
      by Callista Skip

This is the fifth and final installment of the Jinvon's story! Find the first post here: "Meet the Jinvon!"

Sikaah rested at the base of the Harvest Queen's statue, folded into a familiar meditation pose. Her breath came evenly, and she could feel her power and energy recharging.

It was then that she also felt a cool touch trail along her shoulder.

Opening her eyes, Sikaah turned her head slightly. A semi-transparent pink finger rubbed a line through her fur. Blinking, Sikaah looked up and caught her breath as a beautiful pink dragon woman floated down to sit in front of her. The dragon's hair, markings, and eyes glowed teal, different than any other Jinvon Sikaah had seen or heard about. Her hair flowed about her, almost to her feet.

"You've done something extraordinary," the Queen said, her voice echoing calmly in Sikaah's ears. "Your power has brought peace to this place."

"I acted almost by instinct," Sikaah said. "It was if there was no other action available to me."

"The Nightmare sparks our innermost desires," the Queen said. "It must not have expected someone like you to show up here." She moved closer to Sikaah, reaching out to stroke her face.

Sikaah leaned into the Jinvon's cool palm, her eyes closing as she felt herself roused by the touch. She trailed her fingers up the Queen's arm, leaning closer to the beautiful dragon, until they kissed, the dragon's lips cool against hers.

They embraced, the dragon's laughter was a rumble deep in Sikaah's chest, the simple expression of friendship a delight to them both.

Then, one thing led to another...

Art by Firekitty

Sikaah felt an amazing rush of afterglow as the Queen floated back from her. The other Jinvon in the temple were lit up almost brighter than Panaway during a festival, looking at each other and at the Queen as if in a daze.

To one side, the bull Jinvon was speaking to them rapidly in a low voice, sneaking glances at Sikaah, his yellow eyes bright. The Jinvon seemed to shake off their stupor as Sikaah stood, smoothing her hair with one hand.

The Queen opened her arms wide, saying, "We are free! This powerful woman, this--" She looked at Sikaah, who could imagine her blush on pale pink cheeks.

"Grand Conductor Sikaah," she introduced herself, curtseying.

"Narani," the Queen said, bowing her head in return. Smiling widely, the Queen turned back to the small crowd, crowing, "Sikaah, the Purifier! She has freed us from the Nightmare, once and for all!" "Every Jinvon is free from their duty!"

Immediately there was great discussion among the Jinvon. Sikaah was approached by several who held her hand and looked up at her in earnest. A particularly sleepy looking warthog nodded at her as he passed by.

Sikaah smiled, bemused by all of their earnestness.


Time passed, and some Jinvon left their statues, the marble going dark for good. Several stayed, though, enjoying their time with their traveler friends.

It was then that Creyta found herself talking to a few of them, hoping to interest them in an experiment that would help them explore the rest of Kemah Karah.

Sikaah found herself returning to the temple, recording the Jinvon's story with as much detail as she could, so she could pass it on to new generations, equal parts a warning and a fantastic tale. She received the title Adventurer by the Panaway Academy, so she could have free reign to leave when she wanted.

Of course, there were other, more physical reasons to return to the temple...

Art by Gryx

Sometimes good wins out over evil -- and gets especially pleasing rewards! Maybe one day, you too will be able to read the Jinvon's full tale, compiled by Sikaah, the Purifer.

Stay up to date on new characters and stories every day at! Soon, you too may find your Fortune at Vell's End!

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yuko on May 21st, 2014 @ 10:52 AM
I will have to read the story but love the art!

Kaia_Cougar on May 19th, 2014 @ 08:13 PM
What about "Grand Conductor Sikaah, the Purifier"?

BlueJay on May 19th, 2014 @ 03:05 PM
Hmm, I wonder what Sikaah's card will say, "Grand Conductor" or "the Purifier"?

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