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(May 16th, 2014)
Meet Sikaah the Purifier!
      by Callista Skip

Word of the Nightmare spread through the Jinvon quickly, and the other Jungle creatures weren't far behind. The Jinvon closest to the temple started to change into the Vonjin, like a slow, creeping change that was evident in their voices and eyes first.

Stories started to trickle into Panaway of normally helpful and sweet Jinvon lashing out at their Adventurer friends, and it became evident to everyone that something was very wrong.

It was then that Sikaah stepped up. Sikaah was one of the rarest types of Conductors -- a Gas Conductor -- who lived and worked for the Conductor Academy in Panaway, the oldest Academy in Kemah Karah. She was young, only in her mid-20s, but her strength was known in all five cities.

She may not have known about the Nightmare yet, but when the orb broke, she felt the ripple in the atmosphere of the Jungle, and it made her fur stand on end. She started, then, to pull together her provisions. When the stories started reaching the city, she made it clear to the Academy that she was setting out.

Following the trail of the diminishing Jinvon -- most of them cackled at her from behind darkening flesh and dimly-lit statues -- Sikaah came upon the temple quicker than any Adventurer could have hoped. She followed her heart, not only her eyes, and the path made itself known to her.

Art by Lavenderpandy

The air was thick here, and she used her power to help herself breathe easily, moving her focusing staff in front of her, the crystals glowing in the haze.

Making her way into the temple, she maintained her focus, hoping to guard herself against whatever was to come next, knowing that the core of malice was close, and that the walls of the temple would not be able to confine it for much longer.

As she stepped into the main chamber, the Nightmare's tentacles roiled and writhed against one wall. Sikaah whipped a wind around herself in surprise at the sight -- the wind pushed the purple gassy haze away from the skylight at the top of the chamber for a moment, and she felt a pang of churning anguish come from the tentacle's corner.

Fully developed Vonjin dashed to the top of the chamber,shielding their Master from the sunlight, and the tentacles started to creep out along the floor toward Sikaah, bringing a growing sense of dread with them.

Sikaah knew then that this was a being that would feast on the darkest parts of the Jungle until it became strong enough to fight the light, that it would devour whatever energy it could in its quest to grow larger.

She did not know where it came from, she did not understand, but Sikaah knew that she could not suffer it to win.

Summoning the core of her power, she stepped into the middle of the room, the tentacles cold around her ankles, and pushed --

Art by A_Blue_Deer

Later, when she tried to write in her journal, there wasn't a lot she could say. She couldn't remember the purifying aura that surrounded her, or the way the Nightmare screamed a thick stream of gas -- only to have it dissipate as it hit her field. She couldn't remember the Vonjin being shocked back into their bright cheery teal, the purple draining away from their faces.

She could only remember bright light, a bright moment of pain, and bright relief.

Sikaah opened her eyes after she settled back on the floor, not realizing until then that she had been floating. Gas Conductors had the ability to pull themselves off the floor, but not for long periods of time, and Sikaah could tell that her energy was far too drained for its own good. She stumbled to a wall, finding herself unable to walk.

"Watch out!" She heard, a moment before a strong arm gripped her in a cool embrace, and Sikaah was pulled off her feet once more.

Tomorrow: What's the whole story?

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yuko on May 21st, 2014 @ 10:54 AM
uhh cute. and sexy. and busty!

Nezumi12 on May 17th, 2014 @ 05:27 PM
"The suspense is killing me. I hope it lasts." - Willy Wonka ('cus it's very fitting right now)

Kaia_Cougar on May 17th, 2014 @ 12:07 PM
These cliffhangers are killing me. >.<

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