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(May 15th, 2014)
The Nightmare of the Jinvon!
      by Callista Skip

In the depths of the Panaway Jungle to the north-west of the city is a secret place: a gray marble temple that no Adventurer or other traveler had ever stumbled upon, much to the Jinvon's relief.

Housed in the middle of the temple, on a simple pedestal, is an ancient relic, one that glows as the Jinvon statues do, though with a dark, dull hue.

Some may consider the orb beautiful, but those who have an empathetic touch recognize it to be an item of pure malice...


Art by Sigil

The temple is protected by the Jinvon, and forgotten by the other inhabitants of the Jungle. Jinvon actively point Adventurers away from its location, and make sure to distract them at every turn if it appears that they may come close.

For these reasons, only the truly thoughtless and unobservant could ever come to find the temple, distracted only by their own recklessness. This was how a trio of rookie Adventurers came to the temple!

At first, the temple seemed very dull and broken down. A few "dead" statues stood out front -- "No Jinvon here," they told each other as they ventured forth. They wanted to find something special to take back to the city with them, something that would prove that they deserved to become apprentices to the brave Panaway Adventurers.

In truth, there were only few Jinvon left in and around the temple proper and, unlike the Jinvon in the Jungle, they had never met modern folk, and still retained their shy nature. Their statues were mostly hidden in the dark nooks built into the temple walls, and their spirit glow was dim from years of hiding.

As the rookies ventured further into the temple, they eventually grew silent, uncomfortable in such a solemn place. Then they came upon the innermost chamber, spied the orb, and knew exactly what they needed to take home with them.

That is, until they lifted it, and it seemed to shake and pull away from them as if by an inner force, causing it to shatter on the stone floor...


Art by Count Darkhugs

A purple gas, thick and humid, boiled up from the shattered remains of the orb, and the rookies pulled themselves out of their shocked state to smartly rush out of the temple, hightailing it back down their careless path to return to Panaway.

Out from the gas a shape formed, chuckling to itself as it stretched, confined to a space far smaller and more cramped than the Jinvon statues around it. Those statues glowed brightly now, the remaining Jinvon pulling themselves to their feet, only able to defend themselves for a moment before the gas washed over them, and the Nightmare returned...


Art by Hebrew

The Jinvon changed, their spirits warped into an old nemesis, the Vonjin a force born of ego and strife, a force which only existed to feed the Nightmare -- the very force that had once brought the original Jinvon tribe to its knees.

Tomorrow: can anyone defeat the Nightmare?

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yuko on May 21st, 2014 @ 10:55 AM
ohh this looks interesting. gonnna start reading soon

ezekiel_tyr on May 16th, 2014 @ 08:14 PM
>.> more random stuff so want to see all new cards for this set

Kaia_Cougar on May 16th, 2014 @ 06:39 PM
Bad Zen! No fondling the glowing purple orb!

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