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(May 18th, 2010)
Meet Nigel d'Goan
      by Callista Skip

Nigel Zell has always been seen as the three-minute younger twin of his brother Flint -- but he wants so much more than that. His blue hair and black mane make him stand out easily against his brother.

Friendly and eager, Nigel sees the Herm takeover as a chance to shine, and finds himself often tied up in the the rush to try new things. But that doesn't keep him from being Greedy!

Who's ready to ride Nigel today?
Artist: Heather Bruton

Submissive is a new keyword in Triskelion! Normally, it costs 1 AP to swing or put out, but submissive furres will put out for free. They know their place and will gladly put out without any extra effort on your part.

So when Nigel rubs up against a Submissive furre, he will also pleasure that furre's Owner!

Bondage-lover is also a new keyword in Triskelion! Nigel gets +1 experience for each pice of bondage equipment (Alterations) you put on him.

In other words, his PEs will go from 4/5/5/4 up to 5/6/6/5 when you put an alteration on him. The next alteration will make him 6/7/7/6, and so on!

Nigel knew that the muzzle had to come off for the fun to begin.
Artist: Rabbot

Though sometimes uncomfortable equipment comes with the territory, Nigel knew it is all apart of the game, and that the dripping cock would soon be his.

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