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(May 7th, 2014)
Sev's power, his curse!
      by Callista Skip

When Sev hit puberty, a switch flipped. The normally helpful boy became hot-tempered and frustrating almost overnight. Sounds normal, right? Same changes we all go through. But a Conductor's awakening can be different.

One day, after an especially awful fight with his younger sister, something in Sev broke free. A spot in his chest burned bright, hot, and next thing he knew, his sister was yelling from the other room -- her bathwater had become boiling hot, and she hadn't been able to escape it before burning her foot.

The resulting injury left her limping, more of a burden on his parents than a help, and certainly not a in a favorable light for potential suitors. After that point, Sev only burned with guilt, his anger turned inward.

What followed was especially hard on him -- his parents acted overjoyed that he was to become an Academy student, that their family would receive the prestige that followed such revelations. He was told to embrace his power, to be proud of what he was born to do -- but all he could see was his little sister hiding in the shadow of the farmhouse, too afraid to talk to him.

He had his reasons to avoid his power, except when they built up too much for him to handle...


Art by Maim

As a student at the Adept Academy, Sev concentrated on any class that taught the students to dampen down their power, to extinguish the desire to use it. These classes were intended to help them become more controlled, and therefore more powerful, but Sev only cared about anything that might rid him of his curse.

When it became apparent that Sev could also minorly control Liquid and Solid matter, he became a point of interest of the visiting Patrons who would regularly review the students' files. He avoided meetings with these Patrons and gained a reputation of being generally disagreeable and rude, which suited him just fine.

The only times he was able to find relief with his powers was when he wore his collar.


Art by Shibara

Conductor collars were invented by some of the first Conductors in Kemah Karah. They use precious stones and items specially identified to help Conductors focus and become one with their power.

When a Conductor doesn't Conduct for long periods of time, their power builds up, like a volcano about to blow. Eventually, they start Conducting subconsciously, drawing liquid out of cups, or moving stones with every footfall. The more powerful the Conductor, the quicker this buildup occurs between Conducting.

A collar cures that problem, channeling a Conductor's power into a stasis mode, ready for them to tap into or ignore. Every student is gifted a plain collar when they start at the Academy, and most Patrons gift their contracted Conductors with fancier collars that identify their alliances.

However, wearing a collar is the most sure-fire way to be identified as a Conductor. Sev, in his effort to pretend to be normal during his year off, avoids his collar as often as he can. None of his pride knows of his power, and he is determined to keep it that way.

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Nezumi12 on May 9th, 2014 @ 12:42 AM
rather a sad back story when you think about it, really. reminds me a bit of Lenny from "Of Mice and Men": power that is hard to control and only ends up hurting those you love.
I hope Sev's life turns out better than Lenny's by a long shot.

BlueJay on May 8th, 2014 @ 12:54 PM
The more I see, the more fascinating this set becomes.

yuko on May 8th, 2014 @ 12:20 PM
wow those are great. cant wait for more info!

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