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(May 6th, 2014)
Prideful Living in Vell's End
      by Callista Skip

So things went with Asti's pride, and Sev felt that he had finally found a place where he could, well, fit in...


Art by Arcane the Woof

But you can only outrun the past for so long.

Conductors hold a special place in Kemah Karah's cities. When they come into their power, custom demands that they be placed in the city's Academy -- in Vell's End, it's known as the Adept Academy, a towering structure that could be seen from practically everywhere in the city.

These student's families are given a stipend to make up for their kids' missing hands -- on a farm, everyone earns their keep, and Sev's was no different. The students are also given a weekly allowance, uniforms, collars (which will be explained another day), and opportunities to network with some of the most powerful Patrons in the city.

For it is the Patrons who fund this extravagance. The Adept Academy is especially a favorite of Patron Ravamani, the city planner and brilliant architect who helped renovate the original tower.


Art by AcidaPluvia

And it is the Patrons who wish to collect on their investment, come a Conductor's graduation.

Sev always knew that he would have to take on a Beholden Status -- a graduated Conductor must work under a Patron for the good of their city for three years after graduation, to pay back the debt owed to the Patrons who so generously allowed them their education.

Three years in a cushy job -- heating the water in the bathhouses, or helping mold beautiful statues -- was meant to sound like a privilege! Conductors were heralded as powerful people, ones set apart by their skills. They were treated more than fairly by the city who benefited from their presence.

But Sev knows better. He likes his job working the fiery ovens, and had earned it without showcasing his power. He wants nothing to do with the term "Conductor" or the so-called perks that came along with it. He, like Asti, wants to prove his worth beyond his expected calling. He wants to be normal.

And he was given that chance! Graduates get the chance to take one year off between graduation and their Beholden Status, and Sev grasped his eagerly.

His year was running out, though, and contracts start coming to his doorway -- the Academy-funded apartment that neither Asti nor any of the pride had visited. Vell's End Patrons know he exists, despite his careful hiding, and they're looking to collect!

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yuko on May 8th, 2014 @ 12:22 PM
wow. prideful is right.

Zeneth_Starr on May 8th, 2014 @ 10:30 AM
Another gorgeous opportunity for a game mat (the tower).

And I'm with Kaia on the back story. I've always loved knowing the story behind the card games that I play/have played. It breathes life into the cards rather than just making them a set of stats.

CallistaSkip on May 7th, 2014 @ 06:39 PM
Nezumi - you picked out one of our inspirations!

Kaia - I'm glad you're enjoying it; there's LOTS more to come, as this is a huge set!

BlueJay - Me too ;__; I tend to save the happy-go-lucky plot lines for the Vanilla sets.

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