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(May 17th, 2010)
Meet Kashtine d'Goan
      by Callista Skip

Kashtine d'Goan is one of Audi's classmates. Her long legs and graceful presence make her a natural dancer, a charm she shows off during the seasonal Festivity Days in Di'Ahla.

She, like many of the Goan Trainees, gets caught up in the incoming market of Lithrinn wares, and, under Lord and Lady Goan's watchful eyes, is gifted many new toys.

Kashtine shows off in more ways than one.
Artist: ibengmainee

Though Audi's mothering instincts tend to lead her down the path of a sweet, gentle nature, that doesn't mean she doesn't know how to punish naughty Trainees.

These punishments give her great pleasure, and thus increase her stamina points by +1 every time she doles them out!

After trying on a few new Lithrinn items, Kashtine finds what she really loves - rope play. In fact, it gets to be that any time you find Kashtine, she's been twisted up into some new knot pattern, or a web on someone's wall, or dancing with some new restriction.

She loves being tied up so much, in fact, she gets +5 Max Stamina for each new item attached to her!

Kashtine is all tied up at the moment!
Artist: Farellemoon

Bondage-lover is a new keyword in Triskelion! Kashtine gets +1 experience for each pice of bondage equipment (Alterations) you put on her.

In other words, her PEs will go from 2/2/5/5 up to 3/3/6/6 when you put an alteration on her. The next alteration will make her 4/4/7/7, and so on!

image: Kashtine is all tied up at the moment!

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