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(May 2nd, 2014)
Fortune spoilers have begun! Welcome to Kemah Karah!
      by Callista Skip

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Welcome to Kemah Karah, a country full of ancient lore and modern luxuries, where supernatural abilities are commonplace, and uncivilized beasts grace the bedrooms of the cities' wealthiest citizens! Brave Adventurers, powerful Conductors, loving Fellowships, and greedy Gluttons combine to make Furoticon's most ambitious expansion to date!

There's lots to explore!

The Cities

Panaway: The oldest of the five cities, Panaway was founded by the first foreign settlers of Kemah Karah. Historically the home of the most powerful and wealthy in the land, the rise of the younger and more modern Vell's End has caused Panaway to lose some of its broad influence. Panaway is the portal to Panaway Jungle, the home to a few of the most ancient tribes in Kemah Karah.

Vanai Valley: The second oldest of the five cities, Vanai Valley was founded when Panaway's need for stone building material and precious gems overwhelmed their surrounding resources. This northern city prides itself on its industry and relationship with the dragons residing in the Vanai mountain chain. Vanai Valley residents are intimately aware of the importance of their products, and express fierce loyalty to their land.

Rizah's Station: This city occurred organically roughly midway between Panaway and Vanai Valley, making use of the flat, calm plains of the savannah. Sprouting up over time as a series of colorful tents and bazaar stations, eventually even a few permanent structures were erected. Any merchant worth his product is able to make a living at the Station, and the natural ebb and flow of the city allows for new stalls overnight!

Balshik: This coastal city was laboriously constructed, its houses and buildings perched atop stilts amongst the delta marshes. The goal, and reward, for all of that hard work was access to the sea's bounty - dyes and pearls, beautiful mermaids and sirens. The citizens of Balshik are the most well-versed in construction, and are often called upon by other cities for large building projects.

Vell's End: This is where our main story will take place! The newest of the five cities, the founders of Vell's End went out of their way to encourage wealthy Patrons and powerful Conductors to take residence within its walls. What direction will the city be taken in, when given the freedom to innovate and expand its influence? Who will be given a chance to thrive without the established boundaries of tradition and protocol?

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Find more stories of Kemah Karah starting May 2014 in the news archive!

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Nezumi12 on May 3rd, 2014 @ 07:04 PM
@ezekiel: i totally agree. while i'm not a platformer, i do love a good RPG and this would make for great adventuring fun whether using a controller or dice and paper.

ezekiel_tyr on May 2nd, 2014 @ 07:35 PM
hmmm you know you should totaly make a platform game i mean hell playboy got there own game why not furoticon :p

yuko on May 2nd, 2014 @ 07:16 PM
cool new map! love the art!

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