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(May 12th, 2010)
Meet Lady Gentla Goan
      by Seppel

Lady Gentla Goan is just as foppish as Lord Cassvar and susceptible to the latest trends, too.

Lady Gentla in a blindfold.
Artist: Zombieme

Her title of "Lady" isn't much more than a title. Lady Gentla is soft-spoken and gets what she wants, whether it's the new fashions or the new students. On top of that, she teaches easy classes, like Di'Ahlan Trends (or "What I Bought from the Market Today").

Class gets a little more difficult to teach when Lyscilla brings in the new BDSM trend, and Gentla finds herself loving every minute of it.

Lady Gentla Goan
Artist: Lazzydragon

Bondage-lover is a new keyword in Triskelion! Lady Gentla gets +1 experience for each pice of bondage equipment (Alterations) you put on her!

In other words, her PEs will go from 5/5/5/4 up to 6/6/6/5 when you put an alteration on her. The next alteration will make her 7/7/7/6, and so on!

She's not satisfied until she orgasms, either! If you put enough bondage gear on her, she'll exhaust your opponent's harem so you can swing in while they're helpless!

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