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(Apr 2nd, 2014)
Chase Rares of Tanglebrook
      by Seppel

Let's continue our list of chase rares!

What is a Chase Rare?

A "chase rare" is a card that players seek for its power, rarity, and just-plain-awesomeness.

In Furoticon, there are multiple rarities for cards. You can see a card's rarity by looking at the color in the bottom-right corner:

A green blotch means the card is "uncommon!"

Here are the rarities:

Common: Cards that you can find relatively easily.
Uncommon: Cards that are a little harder to find.
Rare: The hardest-to-find cards.
Starter-only: These cards are only found in starter decks. You will never find one in a booster pack!

We also have a few cards that are a super-rare "promo" rarity, and they currently use the same gold color as Rare cards.

All of the promo cards are chase rares, and a good portion of 1st Edition is also "chase" in its own regard, so I won't be including them in this article. What I will be including are the other gems found in each set.

Today, let's look at Tribes of Tanglebrook!

Tribes of Tanglebrook

Tribes of Tanglebrook came out in 2012, and it's still available, though over half of the print run has been sold already.

First up, Pride Commander Osee:

There's something about a lioness in command, with huge... stats. There's also a full-art promo version of hir!

Next, Bottomswell Banquest:

Beware the cuteness! This adorable card boosts your Furres' PEs for each different species you control, and there are a number of Furre cards that are 2 - 5 species each!

Finally, there's The Rat Queens!

Refresh my opponent's Furres? Why would I want to do that? Make them all submissive? The gifts of the Murodian rats are not what they seem! Almost every Tanglebrook rat lures Furres into bed, and all it takes is 5 rats to clear your side of all its Furres!

Remember, if you have any of these cards, keep them safe, and keep them in mint condition!


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Seppel on Apr 4th, 2014 @ 08:21 AM
Chase uncommons aren't a normal occurrence, but they are a thing sometimes. Compulsion of the Saibel is the most-wanted starter-only card, also.

Kehran_Remsus on Apr 3rd, 2014 @ 02:24 PM
Are there chase uncommons? I'm still missing 2 uncommons and forests 140.

RainbowKitten on Apr 3rd, 2014 @ 09:33 AM
I my rat deck.

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