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(Apr 1st, 2014)
Chase Rares of 2nd Vanilla
      by Seppel

Let's continue our list of chase rares!

What is a Chase Rare?

A "chase rare" is a card that players seek for its power, rarity, and just-plain-awesomeness.

In Furoticon, there are multiple rarities for cards. You can see a card's rarity by looking at the color in the bottom-right corner:

A green blotch means the card is "uncommon!"

Here are the rarities:

Common: Cards that you can find relatively easily.
Uncommon: Cards that are a little harder to find.
Rare: The hardest-to-find cards.
Starter-only: These cards are only found in starter decks. You will never find one in a booster pack!

We also have a few cards that are a super-rare "promo" rarity, and they currently use the same gold color as Rare cards.

All of the promo cards are chase rares, and a good portion of 1st Edition is also "chase" in its own regard, so I won't be including them in this article. What I will be including are the other gems found in each set.

Today, let's look at 2nd Vanilla!

2nd Vanilla

2nd Vanilla came out in 2011, and it's currently out-of-print, so if you have any of these cards, don't throw them out! You're sitting on very valuable cards!

First up, Callista Skip:

Callista has been around since 1st Vanilla, and she loves Luring Furres into bed and giving pleasure first! There's also a full-art promo version of her that's about as valuable as the 1st Vanilla version of her!

Next, Cold Hard Metal:

This frightening machination is only trying to find love. It doesn't take any pleasure in bed, which makes it practically invincible. It can't put out (defend), and any direct pleasure from Treats or Actions will bring it down, but without an answer to its question of love, your opponents are dicked hard.

Don't forget Eternal Boner!

Our market research shows that players like really big dicks. We like our players.

There's the relentless Thib and Malachi!

Thib and Malachi have a reputation of being the biggest, baddest Furre card in the history of Furoticon. Furres like Cold Hard Metal and Bog the Insatiable have given them a run for their money, but nobody escapes their lust. (...unless you have Timidity.)

Finally, there's the amazing Zig Zag!

It's Zig Zag, the most popular tiger-skunk porn star in the world! Everyone wants her, but nobody can touch her unless she says so!

Remember, if you have any of these cards, keep them safe, and keep them in mint condition!


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Reaverthehyena on Apr 2nd, 2014 @ 07:43 AM
I'm hoping to pull something good in my next booster pack I'm getting today :3

Zeneth_Starr on Apr 1st, 2014 @ 10:59 PM
I'm SOOO happy to have Callista AND Zig Zag in my collection.

Nezumi12 on Apr 1st, 2014 @ 09:03 PM
i really like the art on Callista Skip. also, have loved Zig Zag since the 1990's.

@Kaia: by "market research" they mean reading election results. And by "really big dicks" they mean... well that's self explanatory, under the circumstances. :)

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