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(May 11th, 2010)
Meet Lord Cassvar Goan
      by Seppel

Sukouri, Leavan, and Bryn are all students in House Gaar.

House Goan is a rival of House Gaar, directly competing for many land and farming contracts. House Goan is led by Lord Cassvar Goan, a fashionable cardinal, and Lady Gentla Goan, a seductive blue jay.

Lord Cassvar is foppish. He loves keeping up with the latest fashions and styles, and demands all his students try out every new and exotic trend.

So it's no wonder that, when Lyscilla and her herm harem come into town to teach the ways of BDSM, Cassvar welcomes her into House Goan with open wings.

Lord Cassvar, trying on a new robe
Artist: aries84

Cassvar will gain experience whether you pay 1 AP and 1 Male GP, or 1 AP and 1 Herm GP - it's your choice!

The light blue rarity mark in the bottom right-hand corner is new. It means he's only found in starter decks, not booster packs. To avoid confusion about what cards are only found in starter decks, we have added this rarity level to aid collectors!

The rarity colors are:
Light Blue: Starter-only
White: Common
Silver: Uncommon
Gold: Rare

You'll be able to follow Cassvar and his students next month in Triskelion!

Triskelion preorders begin June 1!

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