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(May 10th, 2010)
Meet Glisten and Zyla!
      by Seppel

Glisten is a ferret-rat and is one creepy dude. He lives in the Wilds with a reputation even other slavers fear and respect.

Glisten is one step away from "batshit insane," but with the help of his half-boyfriend, half-slave Zyla, he manages to get by from day to day.

Zyla is a gorgeous unicorn who runs errands for Glisten.

Zyla, ready to serve
Artist: AuraDeva

Glisten is very lucky to have Zyla keep him in check so he doesn't go overboard. If Zyla wasn't around, Talgurin would have killed Glisten a thousand times over by now!

Unfortunately, Sukouri gets to know Glisten very well.

And you will too:

Glisten, the crazy ferret-rat
Artist: Slug

Sadists in Triskelion give pain counters to Furres that they pleasure. Pain counters reduce PEs (pleasuring experiences - the four numbers below the heart that show how much pleasure a Furre gives to each gender). It's as simple as that!

This means that Glisten will give pleasure normally (5 pleasure to herms, 3 pleasure to everything else), and then you'll put two pain counters on each Furre he pleasured, reducing the pleasure they give by 2 each time they go into bed.

For example, if Glisten somehow receives a pain counter, he'll go from PEs of 3/3/5/3 down to 2/2/4/2. If he gets another, he'll go down to 1/1/3/1, then 0/0/2/0, then 0/0/1/0. Any pain counters after that will leave him at 0/0/0/0.

Furres with 0 PE to a gender don't give pleasure to that gender, and thus don't give pain, either.

You can use anything to mark pain counters - chips, gems, dice, etc.

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