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(May 9th, 2010)
Meet Fel Onin and Pen Jiri
      by Callista Skip

The stag Fel Onin is the Leader of Lithrinn, along with hir partner, the lemur Pen Jiri. Having been born into the Onin line of Lithrinn Leaders, Fel Onin understands that the weight of hir city should border a burden status.

But shi prefers lounging in the throne room, a long line of attendants with their cocks at the ready for hir pleasure - not to mention hir partner's most alluring actions.

Pen Jiri kneels at the throne
Artist: Lazzydragon

Sadists of Lithrinn is a 40-card, ready-to-play Starter Deck - and it's multi-gendered!

But not all of Fel's duties are self-serving. As the Owner card of the "Sadists of Lithrinn" Starter Deck, shi serves as a most commanding leader, with a harem of Males and Herms at your.

You'll find that the combination of the Male's offense and the Herm's aggression will easily overpower any unsuspecting sluts in your way!

Leavan lends a gleaming eye to the Sadists of Lithrinn Starter Deck
Artist: Keishinkae

Preorders begin June 1!

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