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(Feb 27th, 2014)
Furry Fiesta was awesome!
      by Seppel and Sigil

Things go by so fast in the Furoticon office that it's now Thursday and we have our first free moment to write about the most recent convention -- Furry Fiesta, in Dallas, Texas!

Furry Fiesta 2014 was a BLAST!

It was Sigil's first year, so thanks to all our fans for coming by to meet her and check out the art she's been directing so well!

We got to the hotel just in time to set up before the Dealer's Den opened, but found out we didn't receive a few of our boxes! Most of our stuff was on the back of a FedEx truck until the early evening, but since we've got the best fans in the world, no one seemed to mind.

Our Team Captain banner got a lot of attention!

That handsome buck brings in a lot of new eyes to the game! Sigil hopes to get a lot more of him in the future...too bad he prefers guys over girls!

We had a great time showing off our two newest sets: 3rd Vanilla Strawberry and Di'Ahla's Awakening, and brought plenty of Tribes of Tanglebrook as well. Plenty of Wolves, Dragons and Otters were taken home by our fans before we knew it!

Friday night's Furoticon event had a bit of a room placement snag, but the staff at Furry Fiesta helped us out by giving us a swanky private room down in the nightclub lounge!

Packed to capacity! We had to cut off the signups at 32 players!

We had a great time teaching the beginners, and even had a few Furoticon veterans playing all together. The laughs could be heard all throughout the lightly cramped quarters. We debuted the new How To Play videos, which were a big success and really helped everyone understand the basics of Furoticon. Once we edit the videos, they'll be available on this site, too!

Saturday night's event had us in a giant room with plenty of space for everyone! Seppel kept an eye on the Intermediate Sealed tournament while Sigil did a few runs of the How to Play video, followed by hosting a newbie 3-way game!

We got some breathing room on Saturday!

The sealed tournament was full of some rough excitement -- 28 players competed to have the best bondage harem! Congratulations to Goliath for winning the tournament with a perfect 9 points! Kazin came in second place with 7 points, while Fox Zeta, Sangie, Boykat, Nightfire, and Tobu tied for third at 6 points.

There were stellar performances all around, but the highlight had to be the extreme bondage that Pen Jiri found hirself in:

Pen Jiri is Bound, Determined, Determined, and Determined!

Bound and Determined are two new skills found in Di'Ahla's Awakening. When a Furre has any alterations (in this case, Ring Gag and Jan Sadi's Fervor), their Bound and Determined bonuses activate! Pen Jiri has one Bound bonus and three Determined bonuses! What does that mean?

Bound: +2 to all PEs and can't swing.

Determined: +2 to all PEs and can't put out.

That means shi has a +8 bonus to hir PEs, bringing hir from 6/6/6/6 up to 14/14/14/14! But... shi can't swing or put out, which means shi can't enter bed at all. Shi's struggling maddeningly, unable to escape hir predicament, unable to join the rest of the harem in bed. Ragingly horny, and helpless!

With so much excitement Saturday night, we fell asleep immediately after the events were over.

By Sunday afternoon we were down to just a handful of boosters, even though Seppel brought DOUBLE what he brought last year! Holy cow, Texas! You cleared us OUT!

Seppel and Sigil will be back next year for sure. Thanks for making 2014 such a success and we can't wait to see y'all again!

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ezekiel_tyr on Feb 28th, 2014 @ 10:51 AM
man really wish i could have been there hopefully one year though ill be able to goto furry fiesta :3 and play in your tournament there

RainbowKitten on Feb 27th, 2014 @ 11:23 PM
That's fantastic that things went so well for you. It just makes me super happy to see Furoticon growing as much as it is. I hope to see you all venture out to more and more conventions in the future. :)

Nezumi12 on Feb 27th, 2014 @ 09:35 PM
always glad to hear your popularity is rising.

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