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(May 8th, 2010)
Meet Talgurin
      by Callista Skip

Self-appointed leader of the Wilds, Talgurin resides in the largest Wild city, appropriately named Algurin (not that he had anything to do with naming it =D ). He rules with tentacle-winged might!

As self-appointed leader, Talgurin finds himself doing all sorts of important leader duties such as keeping brawls under control and rebellious types in line - but mostly he enjoys a most comfortable perch at the slave auction, keeping an eye out for new beautiful slaves that he can put to work in his city (and for himself).

Talgurin is the Owner card found in the "Masochists of Di'Ahla" Starter Deck.

Talgurin poses in front of one of the many entrances to Algurin
Artist: Starsoul

I'm pleased to show off one of the two new Furoticon Starter Decks!

Masochists of Di'Ahla is a 40-card, ready-to-play Starter Deck - and it's mult-gendered!

With Talgurin as your owner card, you'll find yourself in charge of a harem of Females and Otherkin. The interplay of Female defense and Otherkin control is what allows Talgurin the ability to break through your opponent's harem with ease; each of his six tentacles will find a warm hole easily when given the chance.

Sukouri looking sexy on the new Starter Deck
Artist: A Blue Deer

Preorders begin June 1!

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