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(May 8th, 2010)
Meet Lyscilla
      by Callista Skip

Lyscilla didn't become the Lithrinn Ambassador through hard work or because she was voted into the position. She didn't fill an important political role - she created one.

Lyscilla's greatest ambition is to spread the word of BDSM to the world, starting with Lithrinn's rival, Di'Ahla. Convinced that both Herms and BDSM practioners of any sort can find a place in Di'Ahla's white walls, Lyscilla volunteered to travel and talk diplomatically with the Guild Leaders. Fel Onin, the Leader of Lithrinn, with hir partner, Pen Jiri, were more than supportive of this request.

Lyscilla invites you in
Artist: XianJaguar

Upon her arrival, Lyscilla was immediately interested in the Di'Ahlan House system. These Guild trainees greatly reminded her of the Doms- and Subs-in-Training she had brought with her - a harem the likes which Sukouri, Bryn, and Leavan had never seen. And might not have seen, if Lyscilla hadn't specifically made audience with an adjoining House.

Lyscilla especially took interest in a certain squirrel girl, and made it a point to spend extra time and attention with her.

Lyscilla teaches Leavan proper technique
Artist: Maim

But as certain events arise concerning Lyscilla's true intentions during her stay, Lyscilla's approach is forced to change. Along with a most ambitious tabby cat, the lizard starts to set up her own classes to meet the growing demand for BDSM knowledge, and while swayed by her appeal on the masses, not all of the Guild Leaders like Lyscilla teaching history lessons on the side.

Sukouri's never seen a toy quite like this one!
Artist: TheGreatBadGuy

As Lyscilla's influence grows, can Sukouri's information come to light in time?

Find out in Triskelion! Preorders begin June 1!

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