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(Jan 22nd, 2014)
Further Confusion in review, part 1! // New card preview!
      by Seppel

We're back from Further Confusion!

There's no way I could write a single article about everything that went on during the convention, so I'll split this into multiple updates!

We held 7 events at Further Confusion: Two how-to-play and open gaming sessions, two Strawberry beginner tournaments, a Strawberry team sealed tournament, a Di'Ahla's Awakening sealed tournament, and a constructed tournament.

I know everyone's itching to know what's hot in Di'Ahla's Awakening, so here's the player rankings for the sealed event, along with what type of deck they ran and what their final score was:

1. HappyWulf (Determined, 11 points)
2. Raishi (Masochist, 10 points)
3. Kaji (Sadist, 9 points)
4. Reese Tora (Bound + Masochist, 8 points)
4. Lafitte (Zyla Rush, 8 points)
4. Karadur (Herm, 8 points)
7. Djinn Watchmaker (F/O Control, 7 points)
8. Kaz (Sadist + Masochist, 6 points)
8. Eis (Bound + Determined, 6 points)
10. White Wolf Guardian (Determined, 5 points)
10. Ebon Mane (Bound + Masochist, 5 points)
10. Kaia Cougar (Day of Ascension, 5 points)
13. James (Sadist, 4 points)
14. Radruler (Bound + Determined, 3 points)
14. Huffles (Had to leave after Round 1, 3 points)
14. Klovix (Had to leave after Round 1, 3 points)

I'm happy to see such an even spread of the four base skills of the set (Bound, Determined, Sadist, and Masochist). We really did our best in this set to make it so the players who were more skilled in bed would have a greater chance of coming out on top!

There were also some non-skill focused decks, like Lafitte's "Zyla Rush," which was a fully Otherkind deck, but mostly won by playing Zylas early on in the game and having higher stamina and PEs than his opponents. Kaia managed to pull two Day of Ascensions, which usually means an automatic win if you can get the right Furres down, but his opponents were too quick to give him an opening.

During this Di'Ahla's Awakening sealed event, there was some confusion about the card Laced Bodysuit, so let's preview that card now!

Laced Bodysuit is an Alteration card that is paired to a Furre card in the scene, and it gives that Furre the ability to give 5 extra pleasure to opponents. Not opponents' Furres, as a few people were confused about, but only direct pleasure to your opponent. If Furres put out, it has no effect. But if pleasure goes directly to a player, that player is taking 5 extra pleasure!

I took some pictures of games in action, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow!

Get your cards now! Di'Ahla's Awakening is available! Check each day for new previews!