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(Jan 13th, 2014)
Laced Bodysuit! New bondage preview!
      by Seppel

Let's take a look at some elegant bondage equipment!


Here's Lai Vara, showing off how good shi looks in a Laced Bodysuit! (Found in the Bound and Determined decks!)

Laced Bodysuit is an Alteration card that you put on a Furre that's already in the scene. It gives the Furre two bonuses:

Dominant: A Furre that's Dominant doesn't have to pay 1 AP to enter bed!

5 extra pleasure in bed to opponents: If your Furre makes it past your opponent's defenses and pleasures your opponent directly, it'll give 5 extra pleasure! Wow!

Try putting it on Jan Sadi:

Normally hir PEs are 3/3/3/3, but with hir Determined bonus, hir +2 bonus, and the Bodysuit bonus, shi can swing for free and give 12 pleasure to your opponents!


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LittleBoyEni on Jan 14th, 2014 @ 03:55 PM
You can use it in a male/herm hybrid deck, put a few of these on your furres and play day of ascension for a game-winning move.

Taz on Jan 14th, 2014 @ 01:23 AM
And of course as soon as I make that comment I remember Tantric Training.

Never mind, nothing to see here! XD

Taz on Jan 14th, 2014 @ 01:21 AM
There are no Greedy Furres among Herms (thankfully), but Herms have plenty of other ways of sneaking under defenses . . . and 2 GP is hardly a difficult splash for genders that do have access to Greedy Furres--particularly Males!

As for the art, MBR did a rather bang up job with this one. Unless I'm mistaken, this is the first time we have seen Lai Vara's erection, and it's turned out to be quite a sight in that suit!

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