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(Jan 7th, 2014)
Cock Sheath! New bondage card preview!
      by Seppel

Let's look at some more bondage equipment!

Continuing in the theme of multi-gender bondage equipment, today we have Cock Sheath!


Cock Sheath is an Alteration card that you play on a Furre that's already in the scene! It gives two bonuses:

1) The altered Furre becomes Tireless (he doesn't get exhausted when swinging).

2) You can make him or any other Furre Generous (he gives pleasure in bed first) for a turn if you spend an Otherkind Point and exhaust the altered Furre!

Remember that a Bound or Determined Furre gets a +2 PE bonus for wearing bondage equipment:

With Cock Sheath, Jan Sadi's PEs are increased to 7/7/7/7! Shi can also be Dominant, Tireless, and Generous! That means shi swings for free, doesn't get exhausted, and gives pleasure first! Shi'll take down every Furre that has 7 or less stamina... forever!


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KoutaLeon on Jan 8th, 2014 @ 10:54 PM
Oh, yeah, a lion just like me :3 intant-buy

Nezumi12 on Jan 8th, 2014 @ 10:42 PM
the triple GP cost can be overcome with a sprinkling of the double GP havens. get a couple each of herm/otherkin and herm/male and you're pretty much set (if playing a herm-based deck. adjust for your deck, of course)

BlueJay on Jan 8th, 2014 @ 04:03 PM
I look forward to adding that beautiful Sheath to my collection.

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