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(May 4th, 2010)
Meet Leavan
      by Callista Skip

Leavan Pessyc is a 19 year-old tabby cat who was accepted into House Gaar one year later than most students. He comes from the less prestigious family name, Pessyc. His family is more used to plowing farms than lovers. Most trainees of House Gaar are prominent merchants' sons and daughters, but Leavan, like his brother Dram, is the son of a farmhand. Unlike his brother, his tabby markings are perfect, and his goals are set much higher than living on a farm all his life.

Because of this, Leavan's acceptance into a House in Di'Ahla's high-class district is a rare case, but with ambition, good looks, and a hefty monetary donation to House Gaar, Leavan passed his physical and written exams with flying colors.

It was a dream come true, but Leavan has many more dreams he'd like to turn into reality, like being accepted into Guild Avila, or receiving blowjobs from everyone in House Gaar.

Leavan, according to Leavan
Artist: Jacob Voltt

Leavan quickly befriends the squirrel Sukouri and the bunny Bryn. They become his favorite training buddies, sharing most of his classes with them.

But when Lyscilla, the Lithrinn ambassador arrives, Leavan is seduced by the power she offers to him. The idea of dominating pretty girls goes to his head, and he desires to be a Lithrinn Certified Master, owning a harem of pretty girls to do his bidding.

"Asses up high, girls!"
Artist: Keishinkae

But he needs to learn how to control himself before he can control others. The traditional BDSM lifestyle of Lithrinn is only for those who can treat a slave properly.

No one is above punishment.
Artist: Redic-Nomad

Will Leavan accomplish his goals and reunite with the red squirrel of his dreams?

Find out in Triskelion! Preorders begin June 1!

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