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(May 3rd, 2010)
Meet Sukouri
      by Callista Skip

Sukouri Marah is an 18 year-old student at House Gaar, one of the several Houses in Di'Ahla's high-class district. She enjoys her studies, which include Blow Job Etiquette, Strip Tease Mechanics, and Proper Grooming, among other topics, like history and linguistics.

Sukouri in a traditional Gaar robe
Artist: A Blue Deer

Along with her two best friends, the lavender point rabbit Bryn, and the gray tabby Leavan, Sukouri gets into equal parts mischief and trouble, but generally is a very willing and eager student. Her family does not carry one of the more prominent names in Di'Ahla, so she understands the need to study for her Guild Exams - she wouldn't get the same leniency other families might be afforded.

This relatively easy existence is changed drastically with the arrival of Lyscilla, the Lithrinn Ambassador - suddenly her studies aren't her most immediate concern; the lizard has taken a liking to her, and Sukouri finds herself eagerly reciprocating in turn.

Lyscilla fits Sukouri with a snug collar
Artist: ShinigamiGirl

But as certain events arise, Sukouri finds herself in a position more uncomfortable than the Backwards Butterfly Thrust that Lady Pardia insisted she learn. With the help of Bryn and Leavan, Sukouri must escape Di'Ahla and outwit her captors, or else she'll find herself shackled forever.

Sukouri, captured and bound for labor.
Artist: Farr O'Halifax

Follow Sukouri's adventures in Triskleion, the first expansion set of Furoticon!

Preorders begin June 1!

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