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(May 3rd, 2010)
Guide to Triskelion, Part 2
      by Seppel

Lithrinn is a town to the north settled at the base of rocky mountains.

Cool air runs down from above, so the inhabitants here dress warmly. Lithrinn's geography features two rivers that flow into one.

Rivers of Lithrinn, north of Di'Ahla
Artist: Farore Nightclaw

Lithrinn is much younger than Di'Ahla, and life is vastly different here. When Lady Ahla began her beautification of Di'Ahla, many were exiled to the Wilds, but there were those who opposed her -- those who didn't believe in the equal-guild system, mostly those who governed before her, and their followers. These are the ones who cursed the new Di'Ahla, left willfully, and headed north.

What started as a camping party eventually evolved into the Lithrinn our trainees know of, many centuries after Lady Ahla's reign.

Lithrinn in all its beauty.
Artist: Farore Nightclaw

Di'Ahlan history books cast Lithrinn in a very negative light compared to real events that transpired. Our trainees know little about Lithrinn, their studies confined to the idea that Litherinn is full of the impure exiles Lady Ahla "saved from ruining Di'Ahla." Di'Ahla established trade routes with Lithrinn merely to show pity.

And Fel Onin, Lithrinn's stag leader, couldn't care less about Di'Ahla: "Di'Ahla is a city of pomp and elitism, while Lithrinn has far more honest beauty."

A typical morning on the streets of Lithrinn.
Artist: Farore Nightclaw

Lithrinn carries the traditions and genetics of the past, its society is heavily influenced by BDSM, and its population is largely hermaphroditic.

Cherry red cuffs and an easy smile.
Artist: Banrai

Centuries have passed, and Di'Ahla has become comfortable in the traditions laid down during Lady Ahla's reign, but among other small changes, there is no active rejection of the "impure" breeds Lady Ahla notably detested. Instead, Di'Ahla is generally left alone by much of the outside world, the history of the old city rubbed smooth by a blissfully ignorant ruling class.

I believe that wraps up today's history lesson! Next time, we'll start learning about our sexy trainees at the center of this story!

A mischievous bunny, a brainy and busty squirrel, and a power-hungry tabby.
Artists: Brin, A Blue Deer, and Keishinkae

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