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(May 1st, 2010)
Guide to Triskelion, Part 1
      by Seppel

Long, long ago, there was a beautiful white-walled city. It was ruled over by a High Guild that determined new laws and ordinances through input from several smaller guilds.

Lady Ahla, a beautiful and crafty guild politician considered this High Guild to be "an umbrella of monarchy," and detested each of their rulings. She instead wished for there to be fewer guilds, each with their own ruling parties -- laws would be molded and agreed upon by all.

She sowed the seeds of rebellion along with other guild leaders, most notably Lord Laint, Lady Vitelle, and Lady Avila. The High Guild was soon disbanded, and blood was let to run in the streets as proof of the rebellion's courage.

But after the High Guild was "defeated," Lady Ahla's true intentions became clear, and she began the beautification of her new city, named in her honor -- Di'Ahla was born.

Guild Avila, home to hundreds of bisexual Di'Ahlans
Artist: Farore Nightclaw

At first, the steps toward a new Di'Ahla were innocent. She created the three main guilds with her cronies in mind; Guilds Laint, Vitelle, and Avila. But then she was influenced by the notable high-class Houses and families that had encouraged and financed her campaign, and soon it became clear that only Di'Ahla's most beautiful, esteemed, and practiced citizens walked the halls of the new Guilds. To be accepted into a Guild is the life goal of any Di'Ahlan, but the Houses strive yearly to induct only their own members to boast, to govern, and to pleasure.

Lady Ahla began taking this to a city-wide extent, and the exhiles started. Di'Ahla has its slums, full of standard-rate individuals -- but misfits, unruly has-beens, and impure breeds were rejected outright, exiled to the Wilds.

The Wilds, with the white wall of Di'Ahla in the background
Artist: The Dancing Emu

The Wilds is a beautiful jungle to the east. Over the years and generations, small villages have developed, and new societies have formed, not constrained by the prescribed purity of Di'Ahla.

The story of Triskelion follows three sexy trainees of House Gaar and their wild adventures in trying to become accepted into a guild.

A mischievous bunny, a brainy and busty squirrel, and a power-hungry tabby.
Artists: Brin, A Blue Deer, and Keishinkae

But not everything is as it seems. This is a BDSM-themed story, after all. And our trainees are going to learn a lot more than they expected.

The first expansion set of Furoticon
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