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(Nov 12th, 2013)
Bondage and rough sex!
      by Seppel

Fans of bondage and rough sex will absolutely love today's preview!

First, I'd like to talk about Triskelion's Reign, by Callista Skip. It's a wonderful, 3-part story with nearly 300 pages of excitement and smut! Our 2010 card set, Triskelion, was a BDSM-themed set full of cards and art inspired from parts 1 and 2 of Triskelion's Reign.

We've been posting a lot of art and story previews recently -- that's because Di'Ahla's Awakening (coming December 16th) covers part 3 of Triskelion's Reign, plus what happens after the novel ends. Love and sex don't stop at the end of a book, and neither do we!

So that leads us to a little puzzle: if we go any further with our story previews, we'll be delving into some serious spoilers!

We have 3 days until preorders open, so instead of continuing with story updates, I'm going to dive right into the secrets of Di'Ahla's Awakening!

Today's secret starts with a story about 3rd Vanilla: Strawberry. During development of Strawberry, we encouraged multiplayer gaming a lot, and it turned out to be a great success! We released huge 4-player deckboxes so people could immediately start playing multiplayer games with only one deckbox.

This worked fantastically, and we wanted to do it again (personal 40-card starter decks will be returning this Summer in Fortune at Vell's End).

"Oh Seppel, I see where you're going with this! We're getting another 4-player deckbox!"

Not so fast -- we quickly caught on that there are two hurdles to that:

* Strawberry has 160 cards, easily handling the size of a 4-player deckbox. Di'Ahla's Awakening, a mini-set, has 87 cards.

* Di'Ahla's Awakening does not have a strong multiplayer focus like Strawberry (Multiplayer fans, don't fret -- ther are cards for you in Di'Ahla's Awakening!). Without that focus, a 4-player deckbox just didn't feel right.

So a 4-player deckbox was not the right solution. However, we quickly came upon our answer:


An entire box of rough sex and bondage!

Bound and Determined is a 2-player deckbox, which contains two 20-card minidecks to get two players right into the game! (and at half the price of a Strawberry deckbox!)

It has 2 Owner cards as well, AP/GP and stamina cards for each player, and instruction cards!

And plenty of rough sex and bondage! The decks are Male-focused, with some Herm and Otherkind cards, too! (One Male/Otherkind deck and one Male/Herm)

This is the first of two deckboxes for Di'Ahla's Awakening. We'll take a peek at the other one tomorrow!

Di'Ahla's Awakening preorders begin November 16th! Check each day for new previews!

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Carousel on Nov 16th, 2013 @ 12:28 AM
Though I am more of a fan of the Vanilla stuff, myself, I really enjoyed the mechanics of the Triskellion set, and I look forward to this one, too.

Otlan on Nov 15th, 2013 @ 10:48 AM
@Kaia_Cougar: You Make a Valid Point XD . One For me, and One for my Friend n_n . The Best Part is you can Group them together to form a Full Deck XD . Thanks KC n_nd !

Bunnybunbun on Nov 14th, 2013 @ 01:32 PM
i can't wait to get thses cards. I just really wish i had someone to play with.

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