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(Nov 8th, 2013)
Lyscilla meets Madyne, part 1
      by Callista Skip

From Triskelion's Reign, by Callista Skip

"Lady Madyne?" Lyscilla asked, approaching the feline.

"No need for such an honorific with me, Mistress Lyscilla," Madyne responded, not showing any surprise as she turned to face the lizard; she met Lyscilla's red eyes coolly. "Shall we walk?"

Lyscilla nodded, smiling as she recognized that she was meeting another Dom, though Madyne might not know the term. They silently started off through the crowd, moving at the pace of the city. Lyscilla took the time to collect her thoughts now that Madyne had impressed her.

The cargo boats were still coming down the channel running alongside the Merchant's Belt, the polemen making stops alongside the stone bank so they could unload their goods.

"Fish," Madyne said, pointing at one box, "from as far away as the sea. Dye from the coast." She pointed at another boat, "Fruit and plants from the forest," and another, "and crops, both for eating, and, if you have the money, decoration for your dinner table."

Art by Ian Jay

Though she kept her tone conversational, Lyscilla saw the feline's shoulders stiffen. Madyne continued, "So much being done with the hands and strength of Di'Ahla's laborers. Do you know who looks out for them?"

Madyne slanted a look at Lyscilla, who shook her head, resisting the urge to run her claws through her blonde curls. The lizard did know, from her time around Guild Officials and the Goans, that even when the Guilds appointed lesser born citizens, they still worked with families like Leavan's - highly successful merchants or farming moguls. Still, she wanted to get Madyne's take on the situation.

The feline did not disappoint her, saying, "Guild-appointed supervisors who, until they meet their team of laborers, have most likely never spoken to anyone from the Slums, much less had to work with them in any capacity." A bitter edge settled into Madyne's tone, and Lyscilla nodded.

"In Lithrinn," Lyscilla ventured to say, "we recognize no such model of society. And though we learn how Di'Ahla operates, it is quite astounding to see it in practice."

Madyne's eyes gleamed at the mention of Lithrinn, saying in a softer voice, "Which is exactly why I'm here, meeting with you. I want to hear what you have to say, directly."

Lyscilla nodded, and took a deep breath.

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captainbozo on Nov 9th, 2013 @ 08:46 PM
ezekiel: it has pretty pictures, but not really any super-porny pictures. The words do all the work for you though, since it's incredibly hot

It's seriously just a good story though, check it out

ezekiel_tyr on Nov 9th, 2013 @ 05:35 AM
@captainbozo does the book have lots of pritty pictures cause zeke likes the pictures that he sees minus some of the censor bars

captainbozo on Nov 8th, 2013 @ 09:19 PM
BlueJay: You really don't have an idea You should read the book, it's SO GOOD.

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