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(Nov 7th, 2013)
The sexual appetite of Jan Sadi!
      by Callista Skip

From Triskelion's Reign, by Callista Skip

"Mistress," came the familiar whine, and Lyscilla rolled her eyes.

"All right," the lizard relented, and untied the strings holding up her leather panties, giving Jan Sadi free range to dance hir fingers into the dark cleft between her legs. Lyscilla moaned as the black rabbit masterfully fingered her.

Reaching over, Lyscilla rolled her fingers down Jan Sadi's eager flesh, slowly tugging on hir cock. The rabbit gasped and thrust hir fingers deeper into Lyscilla's pussy.

Lyscilla moved her hand down, shifting to briefly rub Jan Sadi's ballsac before finding the clit in hir hidden snatch. Jan Sadi squealed as Lyscilla pinched and rubbed hir.

Then came a knock that Lyscilla barely heard above the sound of the writhing rabbit's noises. As it sounded again at her bedroom door, she was snapped out of her lustful reprieve with sudden thoughts - did I order food from the kitchen? What if it's a student with questions? Or Cassvar? A Guild Member?

Lyscilla frowned as her mood broke, and Jan Sadi sighed, rolling hir eyes.

"Whatever," the black rabbit sneered. "I can take care of myself."

Lyscilla raised an eyebrow as Jan Sadi pulled hir legs up to hir shoulders, bending at an impossible angle to catch hir cock in hir mouth, slurping loudly.

Art by Ifus

The lizard snorted a laugh as the knock sounded again, pulling her away from the sight. Running her claws through her curls, she sighed, and moved to open the bedroom door.

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Otlan on Nov 12th, 2013 @ 07:18 AM
Now that's a Bunny I'd love to meet n_n .

Bunnybunbun on Nov 8th, 2013 @ 07:49 PM
giggles* why are us bunnys always so hot.

BlueJay on Nov 8th, 2013 @ 03:31 PM
Damn, do I like me some rabbit herms...

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