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(Nov 4th, 2013)
Leavan reveals the truth!
      by Callista Skip

A very important scene from Triskelion's Reign, with spoilers edited out!

Leavan held up a hand. "Lord Gaar, forgive me, but this is not what I hoped to discuss at this meeting, and I fear we are going to get so far off-topic that I won't be able to bring it back. What I want to ask should be asked sooner than later."

Lord Melam sat back in his seat and looked away from Leavan. After a moment, he said, "Yes, of course. What would you like to say?"

"I... [SPOILER]," Leavan said evenly.

The ram's eyes opened wide, and though he opened his mouth to respond, no words came out. Leavan couldn't decide if the feeling in the pit of his stomach was mirth or nausea, and he bowed his head, keeping his eyes rested on the red and black striped ribbon tied around the roll of paper in his hand.

Finally, Lord Melam spoke. "Even if that were common-" Leavan knew they were not, "-why would you think that I would approve of such a thing?"

"Because I have this."


Lord Melam regarded him closely. "I don't want to think you might be recruiting people to follow you." When Leavan didn't respond, the ram continued, "Challender, for instance."

Leavan almost laughed, relief soothing his concern. "Bryn? No, I don't expect him to-" He stopped, realization finally dawning on him. He sees me as a threat, he thought, knowing better than to say it out loud. A bright, giddy feeling filled him, and the tabby suddenly felt lighter, his aching muscles barely complaining.

Leavan realized that Lord Melam was still waiting for him. "No. I don't think that will be a problem," he managed to finish.

Lord Melam nodded, not looking up from his desk as he pulled out a drawer, picking up a pen.

Art by Count Darkhugs

"Unless you need me for anything else?" Leavan couldn't help but add as he stood.

"No, thank you," came the curt reply.

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Nezumi12 on Nov 4th, 2013 @ 10:27 PM
curse you, censored spoilers!!! now how will i know those things i'm not supposed to know yet?

ezekiel_tyr on Nov 4th, 2013 @ 05:23 PM
spoilers are good, they make people spoiled :D

BlueJay on Nov 4th, 2013 @ 04:44 PM
Much as I'm sure I'm going to despise Leavan, I'm eager to see if he'll cause some level of ruin to Gaar.

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