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(Nov 1st, 2013)
Sukouri's Sticky Adventures with Talgurin
      by Callista Skip

From Triskelion's Reign, by Callista Skip

Talgurin had removed his gold sash, revealing his large black cock. Sukouri was surprised at how normal it looked. The head was more pointed than she was used to, but the flare was the same. She had been worried - or hopeful, she couldn't tell now - it would be shaped like one of his tentacles.

Regardless, it was growing fast, a shiny black against his dark red belly. Sukouri was scrambling to remember proper protocol for the direct approach when Talgurin spoke up. "Don't think of the protocol," he said, as if reading her mind. "Before Lady Ahla decided to stage a coup d'état, she used to be quite the natural cocksucker."

Sukouri blinked, and with that, the tension was broken - she couldn't concentrate on anything except that Talgurin was stroking his cock, his muscled body relaxed as he motioned her forward.

"Before there was protocol," he continued as she leaned in, "there was eager desire. Let yourself go."


Art by Roum

Her fur was sticky and dripping by the time he stopped, and he wiped the tip along her outstretched tongue.

"Nicely done," he said, a tentacle handing him his discarded gold sash. "But not as nice as the job these four wenches would do if they worked together."

Sukouri sat down heavily, stunned. "What?" Her lust sated, she was slowly coming back to the reality of the situation.

Talgurin's tentacles whipped out, gathering the four slaves to his side. "It's good to know that Di'Ahla has kept up to at least part of its reputation," he said. "When your cold-hearted city learns again what it means to join the Arts of sex and lust, please invite me back."

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Unseen_Evil on Nov 5th, 2013 @ 06:45 AM
I wonder if Talgurin will get his own furre card instead of the Owner one that he currently has.

BlueJay on Nov 4th, 2013 @ 04:40 PM
Makes me wish I was in her position.

Tegome on Nov 2nd, 2013 @ 12:02 AM
Man, that white blob got icing all over her...

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