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(Mar 4th, 2010)
Furry Fiesta Pictures!
      by Seppel

Took me long enough! Here are some photos I managed to take at Furry Fiesta!

One of the two tables of Friday's crowd.

Flame, on the left, is up against some tough Otherkin.

Kediil vs. Rakai

More of the Saturday night gang!

Flame, sitting in a new chair, after blaming the one in the back for making him lose to Titties Laziness.
*Corrected from Titties. Titties was Friday. :)

Furry Fiesta had a whiteboard in our room! We took advantage of it. The other side had some amusing art on it, but unfortunately the picture I took was too blurry.

That's all! See you all in 3 weeks at Furry Weekend Atlanta!

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