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(Feb 24th, 2010)
Furoticon Mini-Update
      by Seppel

Hey everyone! I only have time to make a few quick announcements, so here's the Furoticon news in brief:

Furry Fiesta

Furry Fiesta was amazing! I had a ton of fun, and attendance skyrocketed from last year! I sold out of all the cards I brought!

It was great meeting everyone! Rakai helped out wonderfully in the How-to-Play panels. Callista couldn't make it to Furry Fiesta due to her graduate program, so Rakai was helpful enough to take her place with the how-to-play speech.

Low on Booster Packs

The downside of selling everything at a convention is that there's less cards for everyone else. Most importantly, we are very low on Booster Packs. To make sure we have some available at the last three conventions we are set to go to before Triskelion comes out, I have to limit the number of packs that can be ordered on the website.

Triskelion's Artist Portal!

On the artist-end of our new set, Triskelion, we are happy to announce that after only 10 days, there are only 18 slots available out of the original 112.

Our first set featured 58 artists. So far, Triskelion will also feature 58 artists - 54 new artists and 4 returning from the first set!

I'm very excited -- Triskelion spoilers begin in May!

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