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(Sep 7th, 2013)
Daisy Lee: Timid Chincilla
      by Seppel

Let's preview another card!

Timidity is a Treat card, which means it stays in the scene after you play it. Specifically, it's an Alteration card that alters a Furre card in the scene (you play it on a specific Furre). Furres are your harem, and you need them to pleasure your opponent to win the game!

The cost to play a card is in the upper-right hand corner. Timidity costs 4 Action Points (you get 10 Action Points per turn) and 2 Female Gender Points (you get Gender Points from Haven cards, which prove your ability to control a harem of females).

Timidity is a card to play on an opponent's Furre. Channel the shyness of Daisy the chinchilla, and make an opponent's Furre unable to swing (attack) or put out (defend)!

Strategy: When you have Females in your harem, you should put Timidity in your deck. The secret is to not play Timidity as soon as you have it in your hand -- wait for a good opportunity to use Timidity on a big Furre that your girls can't handle!

Explore all of Daisy Lee and the rest of the strippers in the Graduates and Gangbangs deckbox!

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Tsumi on Sep 9th, 2013 @ 07:33 AM
@Azao: Talk to Mechase about us all getting together for a Furoticon Game night!

Azao on Sep 9th, 2013 @ 07:10 AM
I just played for the first time at FAU6 I hope I can get money so I can get this set but then I will also need people that play to play more

Nezumi12 on Sep 8th, 2013 @ 12:06 AM
the art on this card is really great.

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