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(Feb 18th, 2010)
Furry Fiesta and the Artist Portal
      by Seppel

I leave in less than an hour to go to Furry Fiesta, so this will be a quick update!

Furry Fiesta!

I don't know if I'll be in the dealer's room or artist's alley, but they're right across the hall from each other, so it should be easy to find me!

How to play panels will be Friday and Saturday night at 9 PM in Panel Room 2. After that will be tournaments!

Friday Night is Sealed - $20 entry fee nets you 60 cards to make a 25-card deck with - and you get to keep them after the tournament is over, along with any prizes you win!

Saturday Night is Constructed - $10 entry fee, bring your own deck, or we'll lend you one. Because you bring your own deck to this one, prizes will be bigger then Friday night!

Prizes, as always, are generous and based on the number of players. :)

Artist Portal!

The artist portal has been going smoothly after our first round of invitations. So far, we've accepted applications for 45 card slots out of 112.

There are still 67 card slots available, and about 75 applications we haven't made decisions on yet.

I'll be gone this weekend, so expect the second round of invitations to go out Sunday night or Monday morning.

Thanks to everyone for making Furoticon a great game!


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