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(Aug 24th, 2013)
Frisky Flasher's Friends
      by Seppel

There were a few questions going around the Strawberry release events at Anthrocon, back in July. One I remember specifically was, "Who climaxes to Frisky Flasher?"


A lusty dragon looking for a quickie at Lily's party!

Frisky Flasher's special skill is that you can climax a Furre (put it immediately onto the couch / discard pile) that has exactly 20 stamina.

Frisky Flasher, for example, has 5 stamina (the heart icon is how much stamina a Furre has. When it reaches 0, it orgasms and goes to its owner's couch. This is also its maximum stamina -- if it gains any stamina through gameplay, it can't go higher than the number printed on the card).

This dragon can bring a lot of Furres to orgasm, so let's look specifically at Strawberry characters that Frisky Flasher can climax:

That's 12 Furres in the Strawberry set alone!

Additionally, Endowed Equine and Strawberry start with 25 stamina, and Gloria Rasp has an incredible 30 stamina. If you can bring them down to exactly 20 stamina, Frisky Flasher can climax them!

Frisky Flasher is found in the Graduates and Gangbangs deckbox, along with Endowed Equine, Grizzwald the Hedonist, Replacement Raptor, Team Captain, Nurse Snatchit, and C'duyu. (Over 100 cards in all!)

Strawberry is found in the Welcome Freshmen deckbox, along with Gloria Rasp, Chef Guy, Nikomaru, Terrin, Conniving Cultist, and Kakok. (Over 100 cards in all!)

And finally, Overt Flirts and Couch Riders are only found in Strawberry booster packs!

Start your college fun with Boy Toy and Strawberry!

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Kryptan on Aug 26th, 2013 @ 08:24 PM
While interesting, this seems like the kind of ability I would hate as a game designer. There is now a significant difference between 19/21 and 20 stamina, something you'll have to keep in mind for the rest of the development of the game (unless you stop printing/permitting older sets like M:tG/M:tG tournaments do).

It's also harder for both devs and players to remember because it seems so arbitrary. "Below 21" would've made sense, but "Exactly 20"?

Tegome on Aug 24th, 2013 @ 10:20 PM
I didn't realize Niko nabbed himself some Spazzykoneko art. That's one cute card!

Nezumi12 on Aug 24th, 2013 @ 07:50 PM
so the effect refers to _current_ stamina, not _printed_ which means if you have something that gives bonus stamina to furres, Frisky can target a lot more

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