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(Aug 18th, 2013)
Minideck Preview: Strawberry's Freshman Year
      by Seppel

Today we'll take a look at the last of the eight minidecks -- the Female Minideck from Welcome Freshmen!

In the Female Minideck, Strawbery's Freshman Year, your deck focuses on outlasting your opponents with incredible stamina!

Let's see one way to keep gaining stamina!


That's prononuced 'hot leeds'!

This set is focused with multiplayer in mind, so you'll see a number of cards that affect you and your teammates.

Hot Leads is a Treat card, which means it stays in the scene after you play it. It adds a new rule to the game -- you get +2 stamina when a Furre joins your side! Since Furres are practically required to win a game of Furoticon, you're going to be gaining a good deal of stamina. Oh, and it works for your teammates, too!

You can have at most 3 copies of a card in your deck. So, theoretically, if you were on a team of four, you could have 12 copies of Hot Leads in the scene, and everyone on your team could gain 24 stamina each time you play a Furre! Crazy!

But let's get more realistic.

Strawberry can only have so many interviews with Chessie before she gets tired of talking. You're going to need to take a breather some time.

Thankfully, Strawberry's found her own private spring!


Quiet time for Strawberry.

Pool of Tranquility is another Treat card, and it adds a new rule to the game. You can spend 2 Female points to gain 2 stamina. The EX symbol means to exhaust the Pool (turn it on its side), to mark that you can only use its skill once per turn (you can pay 1 AP to refresh everything at the beginning of your turn). Since you target a player with Pool of Tranquility, you can use it on your teammates, too!

You're not going to be able to spend all your Gender Points (GP) every turn. It's just not going to happen. Because if that, it's handy to have a place you can dump your extra GP, like Pool of Tranquility.

In these minidecks, each player starts with 25 stamina. That's also your maximum stamina -- you can't go higher than 25 stamina. So if you have a Pool of Tranquility in play, don't worry about keeping up your defenses. You can take a little direct pleasure, then gain the stamina back!

If you've read the other Minideck Previews, you know that each deck has a card that takes its theme to the extreme.

Well, Strawberry's freshman year wouldn't be complete without her being able to outlast every cock on campus.



I've still got one transformation left!


Just when your opponents think they've got you on the brink of orgasm (perhaps after a Pyrrhic Thrust), you can just be all like, "Haha, thanks for the foreplay," and go back up to full stamina!

And that's it for our minideck exploration!

Welcome Freshmen is available now! Get your copy of the 4-player starter set full of college shenanigans now!

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Shiranui on Aug 20th, 2013 @ 03:48 PM
Can anyone stop this regenerating machine?!!!

Carousel on Aug 20th, 2013 @ 06:40 AM
And the girls never seem to go down. LoL

SanguineRose2324 on Aug 19th, 2013 @ 05:09 PM
immediately regret promising my friend this deck as theirs for our first foray into the game.

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