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(Feb 8th, 2010)
Artist Portal details!
      by Seppel

Now you're thinking with portals

We've completed the Artist Portal details and we can give you these quick facts:

Available art slots for "Triskelion": 111
Artists on the invitation list: 381

There's a little discrepancy there, so we're going to have to limit the maximum number of art slots we can accept per artist.

Artists, you are welcome to apply for multiple art slots, but the maximum number of applications we can accept from a single artist is 3.

If we don't accept your first choice, don't get discouraged - try applying for another one!

Because we have so many artists, we will be sending out the invitations in weekly batches.


Artists, if you want to do art for this set, you have until February 28 (or until all the slots are filled) to request an invitation. After that, you'll have to wait until the next set to come out.

Instructions for requesting an invitation are on the bottom of the front page of the artist portal

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