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(Jul 28th, 2013)
The Big Small Species Re-typing!
      by Seppel

For most of you, when I say there's a "Big Small Species Re-typing," you'll probably say, "What does that even mean?"

Well, it's a simple decision to help make our Furre types more consistent. Let's take a look at an example:

Just below the name of a card is the "type" line, which describes what type of card it is (Furre, Treat, Action, Haven, Owner) and if it has any special properties (Deer, Lapine, etc.) Those special properties are known as its "defining type," and a defining type on a Furre card is called a "Furre type."

Cards that have rules that affect deer will affect Team Captain, and cards that affect lapines will affect Post-grad Lily.

Here's where we run into a little issue! "Deer" is a common name. A deer's scientific name is "cervine." But Lily is called a "lapine," which is the scientific name for a rabbit!

It's a little confusing to have scientific names mixed with common names. We're going to choose one or the other from now on, and stick with it.

For many of our players, "rabbit" is a lot easier to say than "lapine." That's why we're going to change (re-type) a few of our species!

The Big Small Species Re-typing!

Lapine will now be known as Rabbit.

Avian will now be known as Bird.

Pachyderm will now be known as Elephant.

Equine will now be known as Horse.

Canine will now be known as Dog.

All of these can be changed with no problem to gameplay. For example, Endowed Equine is now a Horse, and the new Etheras card will give a bonus to all your Horses:

When a Horse you control swings, it gets +2 to all PEs and -1 stamina.

It's simple and harmless to gameplay!

Corner Cases!

There are a few corner cases where the art doesn't match the type. For example, the old 1st Vanilla cards, Decider and Ixyao, Cuntboy are re-typed as Ferret and Red-panda, respectively. If you happen to own either of those hard-to-find cards, consider yourself awesome. :)

Additionally, Duocorn and Zyla will have the Unicorn type as well as Horse, to preserve functionality.

Minnie Shoof is now an Elephant.

Reverse Cowgirl and Lecta, Library Aide are now Cows.

Lord Melam Gaar and Backdoor Bodyguard are now Sheep.

Those last three changes screw around with the old 1st Vanilla card Equine Exhibition, so we've patched that card to say, "Horse, Sheep, Cow, and Elephant Furres you control are Generous." Again, if you somehow have a copy of that card, consider yourself awesome.

Ursines such as Grizzwald and Jamlin d'Gaar are now Bear and Panda, respectively. The new Tandy the Tender is a Panda as well.

The 1st Vanilla version of Marlii had her as a Rodent. Shi's now a proper Rat. More 1st Vanilla changes come with Ladie and Liebemaus, which are now both typed as Mouse.

D-snake is now a Snake, Replacement Raptor is a Velociraptor, and Lingerie Lizard is a Lizard. How did we not do that in the first place?


That should be about it!

Are we forgetting anyone?


Uh oh...



Cats are a clusterfuck. Changing each Feline to its actual species involves a lot of changes.

Kinda like that.

Cats cause the only notable change in gameplay, and it's only for one 1st Vanilla card, Feline Front. Because of that card's rarity (I think less than 120 copies of it exist), it will simply say, "Cat Furres you control get +5 Max stamina."

So, without further ado, here's the big list of changes to cats:

Bareback Babe, Copycat, Dram, Estria, Feline Cockslut, Idara, Kaji, Lai Vara, Leavan d'Gaar, Soll Vosin, Spitting Kitty, Spitty-kitty, Supple Whore, Tegome Aburana, Yarl the Voyeur, and Hiberta are now all typed as Cat.

Inviting Chakat and Windshear are now known as Cat Taur.

Duplicat is a Cat Shapeshifter.

Leonardo, Sweet Lioness, and Terry are Lions.

Troubled Tiger, Sari, and Missy Pierce are Tigers.

The Gay and The Hetero are Cheetahs.

And finally, Perfect Five, once typed as Avian Bat Feline Reptile Squirrel, is now typed as Bird Bat Cat Lizard Squirrel!

"What does this mean to me, the average Furoticon player?"

If you don't have any 1st Vanilla cards, nothing. Just enjoy the new flavor of Furoticon in future sets!

If you do have 1st Vanilla cards, take note of the changes to Equine Exhibition, Feline Front, and Canine Central. You've also gained three new Lions for any Tribes of Tanglebrook lion decks you make!

"How will this translate to Furoticon Online?"

All cards in Furoticon Online will use the new types. Additionally, 1st Vanilla will not be appearing in Furoticon Online, so you don't have to worry about any rule changes at all! :)


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Sekioh on Aug 2nd, 2013 @ 01:02 PM
It's good to have standards and more open categories, too many different names makes the cards very specific to counter.

Scrimno on Aug 1st, 2013 @ 09:45 PM
That ought to screw with some people's Bottomswell decks *looks Bozo*. Seriously though, it nice to have a standard naming system.

vulpix-pie on Jul 29th, 2013 @ 09:31 PM
I enjoyed the scientific names more, but cohesive naming will be better for the game.

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