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(Jan 31st, 2010)
Further Confusion Report!
      by Seppel

We're back from Further Confusion!

Well, we've been back for a few days now, but there's been a lot to catch up with, especially the artist portal!

Artist Portal!

If you look at the bottom of the sidebar links, you'll see a new link to the Artist Portal! I'm hard at work behind that link, setting everything up for artists. Once I finish making everything look good there (and Callista gets the last descriptions to me), we'll start sending out the first batch of invitations!

Our goal is to have all the artwork in by the end of March (60 days from now), so the clock is ticking away even if we're not ready for it.

Where were we?

Oh yes! Further Confusion - that's where we were!

It was a great convention where we met tons of new awesome people!

On top of that, we were stationed next to the Bad Dragon crew! We got to know them and discuss possible "things" happening in the future between Bad Dragon and Furoticon. :)

A convenient dealer's den pairing.

Admittedly, I didn't get to see a lot of the con, because most of my time was spent in the dealer's den and the Furoticon panels. I did manage to get outside from time to time, though!

Streets of San Jose

If you ever happen to be in San Jose, I highly recommend you walk down just a few blocks to Iguana's Burritozilla on 3rd and E San Carlos for some good Mexican eats, then stop by next door at Chill Factor for some absolutely delicious and fat-free frozen yogurt! And the prices are great! We had a full dinner and dessert for roughly the same price as the hotel we stayed in charges for three pancakes!

Each day, after having a delicious dinner, it was time to go back and host Furoticon events!

On our way to eat!

Tournament Results

Friday night was a sealed tournament where players were given 60 randomized cards to make a 25-card deck. An amazing 26 players signed up for the tournament that night! That's the largest tournament we've had so far!

Half of the crowd waiting for the gaming room to open.

One of my favorite plays I saw involved Mikau at 2 SP. His opponent, Frost Bight, tried to win the game with a Thrust in Mikau's direction, but was met with Mikau reacting with Moris's Vigilance!

Mikau saving himself from a game-ending Thrust.

The top 4 were Nykoia, Jroo, Balu (formerly known as Cael), and Tobiah. Nykoia bested Jroo, and Balu beat Tobiah. In the finals, Balu dominated Nykoia.

On Saturday night, we were placed in a different room, and had an attendance of 18 for a Constructed tournament. Players brought their own 40-card constructed decks, vying for the title of best harem owner.

After four messy rounds, Kaji, Reese, Teiran, and Jroo made it to the top 4. Teiran bested Jroo due to a few oversights by Jroo. Kaji was paired against Reese, but Reese was too tired to go on. In the finals, Kaji was also pretty tired, because he made many mistakes that led Teiran to victory.

Callista ran how-to-play panels while I managed the tournaments, and none of this could have been possible without Flare Starfire stepping in and organizing gaming for us!

A happy couple who was at the Furoticon demo.

Thanks to everyone who came out and played! We're glad you all had fun!


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