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(Jan 14th, 2010)
California, Here I Come! [Further Confusion]
      by Seppel

The tone of this article will be a little less formal so I don't sound like a robot all the time - you can tell because of the different icon and the "Dev" developer tag. This was recommended as "good advice." :)

What's new?

In a week I'll be flying out to California with Callista to go to Further Confusion to learn how well the west coast holds a furry con! We'll be in the dealer's room all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

On both Friday and Saturday evening, following our how-to-play panels, we'll be sanctioning tournaments! That's right - along with open Furoticon gaming, there will be TWO tournaments at this convention , and here are the details:

   * As always, you will NEED an event ticket before the event. Event tickets may be purchased in the dealer's room. Tentatively, we are at table 81 (Seppel Creations), which is a little to the right of the middle of the room.

   * On Friday night, we will be holding a Sealed Tournament. This means you make your own 25-card deck from 60 randomized cards that are provided for you at the event. Even if you don't win any prizes, you get to keep those 60 cards!

   * On Saturday night, we will be holding a Constructed Tournament. Build your own 40-card deck (or we can lend you a starter deck), and compete for large prizes!

Prizes, as always, are based on attendance. And I doubt attendance will be a problem at a large con in California.

We don't fly out until Monday, so we'll be able to hang out and play Sunday night, if we're not exhausted!


I live in Virginia. The west coast is a long way from me - almost as far away as Europe! The last time I was in California, I was three years old. The only thing I remember about that trip to the west coast was that, during the flight there, I couldn't find the giant black "U" of "UTAH" on the ground below, even though it was clearly marked on the map I had.

As for Europe... well, I've never been to Europe.

I hope to change that soon, though! I'd love to see the sights, as well as Eurofurence. Maybe we can attract a large enough playerbase to make that viable. Right now, though, we're only up to playtesting our first expansion set.

Behind the Scenes

We're 20% of the way done with playtesting "Triskelion." Something fun about playtesting the new set is the rediscovery of some exciting cards from the Vanilla set that have jumped up in power level. Which cards? Unfortunately, that's something you won't learn for a few more months.

I can't spoil anything fun from the new set except for what is already known - it's 130 cards of BDSM fun! I'm constantly excited by the new interactions I see, and the playtesters have been very diligent in balancing what design couldn't predict. Much like the Vanilla playtesting crew (of which, 5 - 7 have made a reappearance), the "Triskelion" crew.

You may have noticed that I keep putting quotes around "Triskelion." That's because we don't know of that's going to be the set's official name yet! Yes, the name "Triskelion" has significance to the story behind the set, but it isn'tówell, I can't go any further than that.

Tease the Season

It feels so bad to tease you all like that. Sure, a small part of me is cackling with glee at everyone hoping to get an inside peek at the new cards. Who doesn't love a good tease?

I don't.

I should clarify. If a tease isn't going anywhere, I'm done. Thanks for the show, but goodbye. A tease needs to go somewhere. If it doesn't, the only feeling it leaves is disappointment.

And that's why I can't leave you with complete disappointment. So here's a real set teaser:

In "Triskelion," there is a rare Otherkin Furre with more Keywords than Thib & Malachi!

"Triskelion" spoiler season begins in May!


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